Looking for Your Next Holiday Story? Check Out the Book Blitz with Excerpt for Pattern for an Angel by CJane Elliott


Title: Pattern for an Angel

Author: CJane Elliott

Publisher: CJane Elliott

Release Date: December 1, 2019

Heat Level: 2 – Fade to Black Sex

Pairing: Male/NB

Length: 17,150

Genre: Romance, holiday, single dad, drag queen, contemporary, genderfluid, nonbinary, acceptance, family, angel, Christmas, chosen family, meet cute

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Can an angel gown for a little boy let a single dad and a drag queen stitch together a new pattern for love?

Hospice nurse Gabe Martin is bisexual but doesn’t have time for love—his main priority is raising Ian, his adopted five-year-old son. Ian loves wearing dresses at home and wants an angel gown for his kindergarten holiday pageant. When Gabe visits a sewing store to get help with Ian’s costume, he’s assisted by a bewitching employee named Loren who opens up Gabe’s focused world.

Drag queen Loren Schuster likes playing with gender norms and wearing skirts and dresses in everyday life. A bad breakup killed his interest in serious relationships, but he reconsiders that stance when gorgeous single dad Gabe walks into the shop. Loren helps young Ian see it’s okay to be himself, and together, Loren and Gabe create a new pattern for a family full of love.


Oh well, you win some, you lose some, Loren thought after he rang up her purchase. As he was replacing the purple-blue material on the shelf, the bell to the shop door tinkled. The store had been crazy busy, which was to be expected for the Friday after Thanksgiving. He turned. Now there’s someone I’d love to win.

The guy coming in the door was seriously hot—dark and lanky with a mouth made for kissing. He was being steered along by a gal, but they were enough alike to be siblings. Loren hoped. His mouth twitched at the expression on the guy’s face and his wide eyes. Safe to assume he’d never been in a sewing shop before.

Loren stepped out from behind the counter and remembered that he was wearing one of his favorite skirts when the guy’s gaze dropped. He braced himself for some negative reaction and was floored when the guy smiled happily and nudged his companion. She brightened.

“Oh, you’re perfect,” she exclaimed.

“I am? I mean, of course I am, but why?”

“We’re looking for a way to sew an angel dress for a little boy.”

“Aww. That’s wonderful.” Loren waited for Hot Guy to say something, but his smile was more than enough. “Do you have the pattern?”

“Oh. Yeah.” Hot Guy had a deep voice. Lovely. He got the pattern out of his bag and handed it over.

“Hmm. Yes.” Loren inspected it and nodded sagely. “This seems straightforward enough.”

“It does?” Hot Guy was even hotter with that hopeful expression.

The truth was, Loren was talking out of his ass. Mia was the expert, and this was her store. Loren enjoyed being around the fabrics and different materials, the buttons and the lace, because he loved playing dress up. But you could put what he knew about sewing into one thimble. However, Hot Guy and his girlfriend/partner/sister didn’t need to know that.

“The problem is,” the gal said, “neither of us know fuck-all about sewing. I still can’t believe Ian’s kindergarten expects the parents to sew these costumes. I mean, are we in the 1950s or what?”

“So this is for your little brother?” Loren asked.

“My son,” the guy said.

Huh. He didn’t look old enough to have a kindergarten-aged child. Bummer that Hot Guy was apparently married or whatever. But that was the story of Loren’s life.

Then the gal piped up. “Gabe adopted him last year. He’s a great kid.”

Sounded like they weren’t together if only Gabe adopted this kid. “Great. So you’re Gabe, and you’re…?”

“Nita. We’re sister and brother. Gabe’s a single dad.” Nita cut a significant glance at Gabe, who frowned back. Loren could relate. Sisters always loved to meddle in their siblings’ love lives.

“Hi, Gabe and Nita. I’m Loren. I’m sure we can help you figure out the sewing part. Let’s start with material.” Loren’s favorite. White satin was way more fun than drab paisley.

Ten minutes later, after a delicious wallow in all the permutations of white satin, they had the fabric. Gabe hadn’t offered many opinions about which material but had seemed amused by Loren’s and Nita’s many exclamations.

But when Loren confronted the rest of the pattern instructions, his head spun. Mia was usually here and helped folks with deciphering the patterns. Loren could only guess what some of it meant but did his best to pick out thread and other needed parts and assembled them on the counter.

“Well. This is everything.” Loren hoped. He started to ring up the items.

“Everything but a sewing machine. What do we do about that?” Nita asked.

“You can rent them. This seems a simple enough pattern.” Panic rose in their faces, and Loren quickly added, “Or, better yet, you can hire someone to sew the costume.”

“Could you?” Gabe asked, shooting a sudden intense glance in his direction.

Damn. Of course he could not. But something made Loren say, “Why, I’d love to!”

Life was getting interesting. Even if Loren had to learn to sew. By tomorrow. How hard could it be?

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Meet the Author

After years of hearing characters chatting away in her head, CJane Elliott finally decided to put them on paper and hasn’t looked back since. A psychotherapist by training, CJane is an award-winning author whose sexy, passionate stories explore the human psyche. CJane has traveled all over North America for work and her characters are travelers, too, traveling down into their own depths to find what they need to get to the happy ending.

CJane is bisexual and an ardent supporter of LGBTQ equality. In her spare time, CJane can be found dancing, listening to music, or watching old movies. Her family supports her writing habit by staying out of the way when they see her hunched over, staring intensely at her laptop.

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A Lucy Review: Third Time’s the Charm (Boston Seasons #1) by K. Evan Coles


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Sometimes you have to start over to get love right.

Luke Ryan’s life is too chaotic for romance, what with running his business and being the legal guardian to his ten-year-old niece, but he’s hopeful he’ll find the right man.

Trauma surgeon Finn Thomason recently relocated from Chicago to Boston, where his focus on medicine leaves him little space for a personal life. Making a commitment to find a better work-life balance, Finn hopes he’ll also find a relationship.

Caught in an evening rainstorm, Luke shelters under a sidewalk awning…and encounters a handsome stranger. The two strike up a conversation and Finn offers to walk Luke under his oversized umbrella. Charmed, Luke accepts and asks Finn out for coffee in thanks.

Luke and Finn quickly grow close, but, as the summer draws to an end, Luke struggles to keep his connection with Finn while Finn tries to come to terms with caring for a man whose attention is pulled in many directions. Both men are scrambling to get it right, but only time will tell if they’ll learn there is more than enough room in their hearts to go around.

This is definitely a character driven story.  There is no great misunderstanding that could have been solved with a short conversation between the two MC, no angst for angst sake, no random plot lines to make the story move.  Instead, what we get is Luke and Finn, two adult men who have busy schedules and busy lives who interact as, well, adult men.  Add in that Luke is raising his ten-year-old niece, Ella, and it’s even more real life complicated.  Finn’s job as a trauma surgeon leaves little time for a social life and a lot of that limited time he’s tired.  These two are facing a lot of the issues most of us face in the real world.

I have to take a minute to talk about Ella.  She’s been abandoned by her mother and moved from her hometown to live with uncle Luke and her dad.  Since dad is in the military and is deployed for long stretches, she has uncle Luke.  Ellie talks and thinks like a ten-year-old, not like a mini-adult.  Her fears about being forgotten or overlooked felt true and her bad jokes did as well.  I liked Ellie very much.

I really appreciated how they wanted to make sure of themselves before getting Ella involved. “I’ve never dated a man with a child before, and I’m not exactly sure how.  I’d really love to get to know you, Luke, before we start pulling in family.”  That seemed such a mature thing and so often we don’t get that in books.  I did roll my eyes that Finn felt all put out that Luke hadn’t yet told him about Ella on their first real date.  They shared one face to face conversation under an umbrella, how much time was there!   

We also get to meet some awesome side characters.  Simon and Gillie, Luke’s business partners, are great friends (Pickle, adorable) and they have his back.  Same goes for Paul and Mick with Finn. 

These guys have to work for their relationship and how to make everything fit.  There is a little bit of an issue towards the end but this also is solved with maturity.  I liked this a lot as a well written story that could happen to anyone.

Cover art showing Finn and Luke in the rain under the umbrella is absolutely adorable and perfectly fits this book.

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Pride Publishing

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Book Details:

ebook, 262 pages
Published May 28th 2019 by Pride Publishing
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesBoston Seasons #1

Review of Taming The Lion Tamer by Caitlin Ricci


Rating: 4 stars

When Quinn Fitzgerald and his rescued Asiatic lion, Aseem,  show up for their job posing for an animation studio’s artists, all he wants is a chance to promote the mission of his big cat sanctuary and earn some needed funds for his cause. The last thing Quinn expects is to find romance in the form of animator Charlie Deagman.  But the quiet artist captures his attention and on impulse Quinn invites Charlie  up to the sanctuary for the weekend.

Charlie Deagman can’t believe the gorgeous zoologist is asking him to come visit for the weekend.  During the entire session, Charlie could barely keep his eyes off of the man and his lion.  Charlie loved watching the affection that was obvious between man and cat, and the gentle way  Quinn had about him, a far cry from Charlie’s ex.  And when the weekend came around, Charlie found himself on the road to Wyoming, and just perhaps on the path to love as well.

Caitlin Ricci’s Taming The Lion Tamer is just an adorable story, fun, light and very sexy.  Ricci gives us two lovely, decent men in search of love, a meet cute situation and lovely big cats to boot.  Both the characters of Quinn Fitzgerald and Charlie Deagman are so likable in their own way that our affections for them are engaged immediately.  Quinn Fitzgerald found his love for big cats on a mission to Kenya and has worked to rescue them in the US ever since.  The isolation of his sanctuary has made him a single guy for  far too long and we get that totally.  Charlie Deagman is shy, kind,  and family oriented as he lives with his sister and her kids.  His ex who runs the animation studio is a jerk and not deserving of Charlie.  So both men are available  when they meet at the studio.  Caitlin Ricci lets us watch as Quinn and Charlie fall into lust with each other during the weekend that also sees them acknowledging that they like each other as well.  Thank goodness there is no real “instant love” but two men who click with each other.  At the end, there is the possibility of love, an acknowledgement that each missed the other when the weekend was over and hope for a future together.

I also like the fact that Ricci seems to have done her homework as to what the big cats are fed, and the treats that are given as part of the new approach to animals kept in captivity. All in all, a good job with the Sanctuary descriptions involved, including the long hours required and the devotion needed to the animals rescued. Definitely not a job for those not totally committed. Just lovely.

This is such a fun, romantic and yes, sexy little story and I would love to see more of Quinn, Charlie and Aseem the Asiatic lion.  On the cover of this book is says it is part of The Men In Uniform series but quite frankly that is a stretch (and the other books in the series aren’t mentioned) unless you consider khaki shorts and shirt a uniform.  So my only real quibbles here are with the title and the cover.  It looks like there is a man in a circus outfit on the cover and the title alludes to a Lion Tamer which is the exact opposite of Quinn Fitzgerald who would be appalled by that association, given that he rescues big cats, not “tames” them.  Nor would you consider kind, gentle Charlie to fit that description either.  *shakes head*  But the story is just lovely, the men charming, and the ending just the right amount of HEA.  More please, Caitlin Ricci!

Cover:  Reese Dante.  Too dark to see the details.  My other quibbles with the cover are mentioned above.

The Nationals are in the Playoffs,Teddy Won the Race and the Week Ahead in Reviews!


It’s Sunday and the weather has turned much cooler, the wind has picked up and the leaves seem to be  just flowing off the trees. Yes, fall is here.  But all is well, the Nationals are in the playoffs and Teddy has finally won a race.  Now some folks think that until the playoffs were over, Teddy should have kept losing so not as to jinx the series.  I have to admit I am kind of on their  side.  Superstition I know but if the Nats lose, you know who everyone will be pointing the finger at.  Oh my.  So I am looking for a 4 leaf clover and some luck to bind it with.  Now where’s that pesky rabbit?

Mother’s birthday is today so I am off to lunch at the farm(bringing it with me actually). So without further ado, next week’s schedule:

Monday                        Animal Magnetism Anthology

Tuesday:                       Fallen Sakura by April Moone

Wednesday:                 Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane

Thursday:                     In Excess by Quinn Anderson

Friday:                           By The River by Katey Hawthorne

Saturday:                       Fair Catch by Del Darcy