An Alisa Review: Stepbrother’s Secret (Men of Meadowfall #6) by Anna Wineheart


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

What’s worse than losing the love of your life? Answer: Finding out that he’s now (1) a single dad and a widower, (2) your business rival, and (3) still very much your stepbrother.

Lonely and estranged from his family, Olivier wishes for love. His music shop is sinking—no thanks to Total Sounds, the new music chain in town. But that’s not all: The alpha stepbrother he’d grown up loving? Eric’s moving back to Meadowfall with his baby girl, and Ollie’s life is officially a mess.

Eric has two goals: One, to raise his late wife’s daughter. Two, to ensure that Total Sounds beats out all its competition, especially that one shop, Olivier’s Strings. Except the owner of Olivier’s Strings is an omega from his past—someone Eric had been truly, madly, deeply in love with. The very omega who had broken Eric’s heart right outside their family home, and, unbeknownst to Eric, is still in love with him.

To escape the grief of his wife’s passing, Eric confronts Olivier about their past… except Ollie’s in heat.

One simmering encounter turns into another, and that new honey scent of Ollie’s… It means Olivier is pregnant. Eric has his suspicions. Ollie insists that the baby isn’t Eric’s. Could it be…?

It took my so much longer to start reading this book than I wanted because, well, life but once I started I just couldn’t put it down and probably stayed up way later than I should have.  I have loved this series so far and this book was no exception especially since I read the teaser a while ago.

Oh man, my heart broke for Ollie and how he was willing to give up his happiness to make sure Eric was happy.  Though Eric easily would only see what he wanted to see at times, I think he had to really grow up throughout this story.

And, ugh, Eric’s mom and Ollie’s stepmom, Wendy, was just horrible, Ollie dealt with it and just stayed away but once Eric brought it out in the open they at least had the support of their brothers, though their Dad just pushed it under the table and seems to decide that ignoring it like he has for years will make it go away.  He kinda comes around in the end but other than Wendy being absent there is no real conclusion on that front.  But it looks like we will probably be seeing their brother Cole again in another book, so excited to see the series continuing.

I loving the new cover art style the author is using, it doesn’t make the stories look as fluffy as before.

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Book Details:

ebook, 458 pages

Publication: January 20, 2019

Edition Language: English

Series: Men of Meadowfall #6