A Paul B Review: More Than Patient (A Loving Nip Book 4) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

More Than PatientGarner met his beloved at a holiday party months ago. Even the taste of bagged blood is not enough for the vampire. What will convince his beloved that they are meant to be together?

Brock Sanchez has a problem. Several months ago, he was at a holiday party that was hosted by a friend. The plan was to bed the two sexy female vampires he had been chatting with most of the evening. Instead he became fascinated with a male vampire by the name of Garner. Their night of lovemaking was the hottest that he had ever had. Since then, no matter how often he tries to get himself laid, nothing can come close to Garner. The only relief he can find is through pleasuring himself and thinking of the sexy male vampire as he does it. He cannot be gay. After all, his mother expects grandbabies from him and his wife.

Garner Vorzman has a problem. He has met his one and only beloved some months ago at a holiday party. Since he had met his beloved, blood directly from donors that live at the coven no longer appeals to him. He survives on bagged blood. However, even that is beginning to leave a sour taste in his month. He must convince his beloved that he belongs at his side. But first he must convince Brock that maybe he is not as straight as he thinks he is. He decides to use Brock’s reluctance against him. He decides to have Brock allow him to drink his blood on a regular basis or he will tell everybody what the two of them after the holiday party. If Brock still decides he does not want a relationship, he will leave him alone.

While I enjoyed the story for the most part, I tend to disagree with Garner’s solution to Brock’s reluctance. This is his beloved that he is trying to woo. What better way to start a lifetime commitment than to essentially blackmail your lover into doing what you need. Other characters in the author’s books have found creative ways to entice a reluctant mate/beloved in the past. Luckily, with the help of Brock’s friends explaining the need of a beloved to a vampire that Garner’s plan does not backfire. There had to have been a way to convince Brock to see with without the threat of outing, especially for beings who value their secrecy. So I deduct a half a star on that basis.

The cover art by Carmen Waters depicts a well build young man standing shirtless in either a study or library of a house. This is what I would picture Brock would look like and is well done. Ms Waters does the covers for different series for Ms Richards and has developed a unique style for each one.

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Book details
Ebook,: 89 pages
Edition: English
Published: June 15, 2015 by Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0416-1
Series: A Loving Nip
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A Rose for Paul’s Protector (A Loving Nip #2)
An Unforgettable Bite (A Loving Nip #3)
More than Patient (A Loving Nip #4)