An Alisa Review: My Forever, My Always (Men of Crooked Bend #1) by Taylor Rylan


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Growing up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere Wyoming did not provide Simon Redfeather with a whole lot of opportunities to explore his sexuality. From a young age he’d known he was interested in men but wondered if he’d ever find someone to settle down with. Though he wanted to stretch his wings, he knew the ranch was his life and he’d inevitably follow his heart back home. Would he be able to find love with someone that could give as good as they get and love the land as much as he did?


Sean Welsh considered himself lucky that he’d grown up with two dads because coming out had been a breeze. Never wanting to trade in on the privilege of their last name, Sean and his identical twin wanted to forge their own path and open their own architectural firm in Jackson, Wyoming. He never expected Simon Redfeather, one of his new clients, to be a gorgeous, sexy, honest to god cowboy. With Simon pushing all his hot buttons, he finds himself wishing he wasn’t the shy twin and yearns to be daring, like his older brother.


The attraction is instant but are Simon and Sean willing to risk everything in order to find their other half?


This was a sweet story and while it kept my attention seemed to drag at times.  Simon falls in lust with Sean when they first meet but bides his time by beginning a friendship with him.  Sean is shy and his biggest fear is his actions hurting his business with his actions but after getting to know Simon he knows the risk may be worth it.


I loved Simon’s patience with Sean and his ability to adapt to pretty much anything that went on.  However, at times, he seem just too perfect; never getting annoyed or upset with anything that went wrong.  Sean doesn’t really voice his feelings very often but if often grateful to Simon’s perceptiveness and how much he wants to take care of him.  There were quite a few times that I felt the book dragged on a bit but it would often change pretty quickly just a few mundane things that I didn’t feel helped the story any.  I look forward to reading about Sean’s brother as we saw some of his story in this book.


The cover art by Jay Aheer is beautiful and absolutely perfect for this story.


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Book Details:

ebook, 279 pages

Published: June 15, 2017 by Taylor Ryan

Edition Language: English

Series: Men of Crooked Bend #1