A Stella Review: Officer Charming and the Prince Who Wooed Him by Sarah Hadley Brook


RATING 4 out of 5 stars

Officer Chad Charming absolutely does not believe in love at first sight, or even love at all. Apple Grove is famous for their Fairy Tale Parade, and Chad is working when a horse carrying the parade’s Prince Charming kicks him, landing him in the hospital.

Jeff Garner’s family has a history of love at first sight and the local high school drama teacher is mortified when his horse kicks the sexiest man he’s ever seen. One look and he knows Chad’s the man for him.

Jeff sets out to woo the man, even though Chad makes it clear he isn’t looking for a relationship. While Chad recovers from his injuries, the two become close, but can Chad ever get past the idea love isn’t real and allow himself to love his very own Prince Charming?

Chad is a police officer who moved to the little town Apple Grove just some months ago to escape  the big city life. During a parade, a man on a horse jumps on Chad and he ends in hospital. Jeff is cute, a theatre teacher, not at all Chad’s type. Still his brown eyes and button nose are too much to be resisted and Chad falls for him, even if he isn’t actually looking for a relationship. But Jeff is stubborn and his determination to woo Chad too strong.

I soon fell into the MCs’ lives and liked them from the start, and  together they were perfect and cute. They were good persons, caring and loving and loved by everyone. 

I adored this story! It simply was exactly what I needed, something super sweet and quick. I read it in a one stand just before bed and it put me in a good mood. It made me believe in love at first sight and dream of Prince Charming. Almost a fairytale story. And sometimes this is what I look for in a book.

The cover art by Written Ink Designs is cute like the story, it’s well done and fitting and I like the colors and font used.

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Kindle Edition, 89 pages

Published October 28th 2017 by JMS Books LLC


Edition Language English