A Free Dreamer New Adult Review: You Promised Me Two Years by Angela Yseult


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

You Promised Me Two Years coverWhen Tyler became Connor’s interpreter, he thought all that entailed was translating the Prophet’s cryptic messages about future events.

However, it doesn’t take him long to realize Connor needs more than that. First and foremost, he needs a friend, someone who will stand up for him at the Academy, the elite school they both attend and where Connor, despite his talent, is far from popular. He also needs someone who understands that, for him, the talent of prophecy is a curse he would get rid of if he only could, a curse that pushes him toward substance abuse and oblivion.

It also doesn’t take Tyler very long before he starts seeing Connor as more than a friend, and he’s lucky enough to have Connor return his feelings. Just as things begin to settle down, however, the arrival of a new Prophet at the Academy threatens Connor’s hard-won and still-fragile peace of mind.

Through it all, Tyler is all too aware that every day brings Connor closer to being eighteen, the age of his prophesied death, two years after their first meeting.

I didn’t even finish reading the blurb before I knew I just HAD TO have “You Promised Me Two Years by Angela Yseult”. I love unusual fantasy books and this sounded too good to pass up. And I wasn’t disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this book.

Connor is a Prophet. He has visions of the future but needs an interpreter to translate for him. He speaks English, but not in a way most people understand. To most people, he’s talking nonsense. Only special people, so-called interpreters, can understand the real meaning behind the “nonsense”.

Tyler is one of those special people and he’s chosen to be Connor’s interpreter. Connor’s very first prophecy is his own death. Two years from now, he’ll die, with Tyler by his side.

I immediately fell in love with both MCs, even though Connor’s a bit difficult in the beginning. Neither of them is perfect. I loved that neither of them was perfect. Connor has a habit of stubborn sulking and Tyler gives in too easily, just to make Connor happy. Connor is a bit of a genius, both in science and with the violin, but his flaws made him incredibly likeable all the same. Some of my favourite scenes were definitely Connor playing the violin for Tyler.

Their love story was so wonderful. It was very easy to understand their feelings for each other. There was no major relationship angst. Sure, they did have some misunderstandings but they always worked it out eventually. The complications definitely weren’t the focus of the relationship. Most of the time they spent together on page as a couple was incredibly loving and trusting. Connor finds ways to express his feelings without words and Tyler learns to interpret the smallest sounds Connor makes.

But just when I was sitting there, all happy, with a dopey smile on my face, I got a reminder that this relationship couldn’t last, that time was short. It was heartbreaking to watch Connor’s struggle with his life as a Prophet. Being a Prophet comes with certain expectations that he often didn’t accept, making his life a lot harder and making my heart break for him over and over again. It was so easy to relate to Tyler’s frustration at his inability to really make a difference for Connor.

But there is so much more to this book than the simple love story. There’s the sudden appearance of another Prophet, who seems hell-bent on discrediting Connor’s abilities. Connor and Tyler both have their troubles with their families and Connor’s death is looming over all of it, of course.

I loved the setting. It’s very unusual and the author definitely has a great imagination. She obviously put a lot of work into essentially creating a new language for Connor.

By now you’re probably wondering why I knocked off half a star. Well, once again I missed the world building. The basics were covered pretty well, but I would have loved more, especially because this is such an unusual premise. A little more in-depth world building and this book would have been perfect.

To sum it up, “You Promised Me Two Years” is a bittersweet love story, with plenty of plot outside the romance, lovable protagonists and an intriguing fantasy setting. I just wish the author had explained even more about the fantasy aspects. I’d love to read another book set in this world and I’ll definitely take a look at the author’s other works.

I agree with the blurb that this works best for “mature young adults”. Some of the themes might be disturbing if you’re too young.

The cover by Jonathan Chong is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so very magical and catches the feeling of the book perfectly. Great eye catcher and one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen in a while.

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Book details:

ebook, 160 pages
Published March 1st 2014
edition languageEnglish
url http://angela-yseult.blogspot.com/p/you-promised-me-two-years_24.html

[Because it deals with themes such as drugs and sexuality and includes some swearing, this book is intended for mature young adults.]

A BJ Review: Song of the Navigator by Astrid Amara


Rating:   5 stars out of 5

Song of the NavigatorTover Duke is an improvisational navigator, one of only forty-two people in the universe who can move things (and people) across space using the power of his mind. Despite his ability and the glamour and wealth it brings him, his life is routine save for a few bright spots: his birds and his passion for Cruz Arcadio. On the day of his birthday celebration, Tover’s world changes irrevocably when he’s betrayed and kidnapped by none other than the man he loves.

This book isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s extreme violence, torture and betrayal. It’s harsh and hard to read in parts, BUT it’s also romantic, poignant and absolutely amazing.

Seldom outside of an epic fantasy series have I encountered such excellent world-building. From the DK station to the green and vibrant Carida, the settings are so vibrantly alive and peopled with characters so real that I felt like I could step right into the book and shake their hands (or punch them out as the case may be). Beautifully written. I loved Tover’s from the start, spoiled and aware of how special he was, of his tremendous worth, yet not really full of himself. Coming from a pampered lifestyle where he’s almost worshipped, I didn’t expect such strength from him. Tover’s never weak or whiny despite all that happens to him. The betrayal itself almost seems to wound him worse than the physical torment he’s subjected to.

I found myself hating Cruz right along with Tover, hating him with a fiery passion. What could redeem a man who could betray the one who’d trusted him enough to risk all to save his life? What indeed. Tover begins to understand that the safe world he thought he was living in may all be built on lies. Only then do we begin to get a picture of the real Cruz. By the end of this story, I adored both of these characters and would gladly embrace a second book with these characters.

I cannot recommend this book more highly to those who appreciate darker reads. It’s my first read by this author and definitely will not be my last.

In the afterward, the author indicates the possibility of stories set in this world eventually coming from two other authors as well, Ginn Hale and Nicole Kimberling. I’ll be crossing my fingers.

Cover Artist  Kanaxa. The cover wonderfully encompassing the elements of the story. The two very different figures standing isolated but touching amidst the backdrops of space and other worlds. Joined against huge odds. Best of all maybe is the embracing warmth of the colors, highlighting the passion and emotional arousal this story evokes.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 224 pages
Expected publication: May 26th 2015 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
url http://astridamara.com/portfolio/navigator