A Kai Review: One Plus One (Maths #2) by P.A. Friday


Rating: 2 stars out of 5

James Cape has been in love with his mother’s best friend Laurie since James was sixteen and Laurie an inaccessible twenty-six. When he’s turned down flat by the older man just after his nineteenth birthday, James’s best friend Al encourages him to forget Laurie and find someone else. And James tries, he really does. But can he cope with his feelings for Laurie, his best friend’s home-life problems, and the deteriorating health of his father, all at the same time? And will Laurie ever notice the young man who’s right in front of him?

Sorry guys, but this book didn’t work for me. **sad face**

Well, the premise was interesting and I was truly intrigued by the blurb. You see, I love age-gap romance, so I was up and even excited to read this title, however when I finish it I was really disappointed.

The novel was well written, simple language and fluid, but the plot and the story’s development felt lame and flat.

James had a crush on Laurie and when he was nineteen he assumed his feeling for the guy. I really liked it about James. He went for it at the time (way to go, James!). Unlucky for him, Laurie turned him down. Aaand, after that they almost never had an interaction in the story.

Years went by and I didn’t see a connection between them. Actually, James avoided Laurie like a plague for a while. And It would be fine if after that they started to develop some interaction so us, readers, would see them together and cheer for them at some point. It didn’t happen, though. The entire book they felt like strangers. They even didn’t talk or anything. Actually, Laurie almost didn’t appear in the story, so how I suppose to cheer for him and James as a couple when they had limited communication?

Actually, James had a huge interaction with Al, his best friend. They were close and loved each other and …[spoiler ALERT]

P.S: I just found out that there is another book where James, Laurie, and Al are a threesome of some kind. And this can make sense, after all… but, I really don’t find in me desire to read that story. So, If you read the book 1 in this series and liked it or not, let me know. I want to know your opinion.

Anyway, there were few things that I liked in this book. The father problem was one of them. James’ father had multiple sclerosis and I liked how it was aborted, even though I felt really emotional about that.  [LITTLE SPOILER ALERTI cried! Really ugly cry. Maybe was just me that cry for everything. But just in case, keep the tissues close by.


Well, My conclusion is: this story simply didn’t work for me. I couldn’t find a connection between the MC, and I felt the end was forced and abrupt.  There were ways to the author to change the plot a little and maybe this would be a nice story. But the author didn’t and I didn’t like… so…. that’s all, folks.


The cover art by Natasha Snow is okay and interesting. That was one of the things that intrigued and instigated me to read the story.

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Book Details:

E-book: 115 pages

Release Date: July 31st, 2017 by NineStar Press

Edition Language:  English

ISBN: 978-1-947139-51-0

Series: Maths