A PaulB Review: Death Gets A Boyfriend by Sophie Bonaste


Rating 4 out of 5 stars

DeathGetsaBoyfriendFSAfter spending thousands of years taking souls, Death meets someone who might make his lonely existence worthwhile. Slated to take the soul of Thomas Neilson, Death for once does not take the human’s life. Months after a relationship develops between the two, Death is presented with a choice. He must either let Thomas die or millions of others will die instead.

Having spent thousands of years helping people move onto the afterlife, Death finds his existence to be rather lonely. He has isolated himself from the other immortals in Heaven staying primarily in his room during his down time. One day, Death hears the buzzer that signifies “the Boss” wanted to see him. Upon receiving his next day’s list, the Boss states that “times will change.” Considering his boss as a bit odd at the best time times, Death wonders what is coming along. Looking at the list, the name of Thomas Neilson makes Death feels something he has never felt before.

The next day, when Death goes to attend to Thomas’s passing, he cannot bring himself to stop Thomas’s heart like he has done billions of others. More surprising, Thomas can see and hear Death. This is the first time anyone has seen him and Death wonders what makes Thomas so special. As Thomas recovers from the accident that should have killed him, Death cannot stay away. He checks in on Thomas in the hospital and later when Thomas goes to his parent’s house. It seems that they share a love for novelty tee shirts and oddball comedies.

Back in Heaven, Death is once again summoned to the Boss’s office. Archangel Michael starts in on Death about having a relationship with a human, which is prohibited for immortals in Heaven, much less on earth. As Death starts to defend himself, the “Boss” tells Michael that this is part of his master plan and he cannot be upset over Death’s actions. The Boss once again states that times are changing and Death will have to make a choice soon.

As time goes on Thomas and Death become closer. They go out on dates and finally one night they make love. Soon after, Death is summoned once again by the Boss. He tells Death that Thomas’s death has been predetermined. Death must either let Thomas die this time while saving a little girl, or let millions of others die because this girl would grow up to find a cure to cancer. This cure will still be found but will take another fifteen years resulting in the premature deaths of those millions. Even though Thomas’s death would mean he would never see him again as humans and immortals do not intermingle in Heaven, Death lets the predetermined plan play out. The Boss summons him back to Heaven where he tells Death that a new form of being has been created called a guardian. They are humans who died heroically saving other people. As a reward, they will be made immortal and will be charged with protecting innocents on earth. The first such guardian is none other than Thomas. They are reunited and begin the rest of eternity together.

I loved how Death and Thomas bond throughout the novel. Thomas teases Death over his choice of novelty tee shirts. They share an interest in quirky movies. All the while, they have to recognize the fact that no other human can see Death. At one point, Thomas puts in his Bluetooth receiver in his ear to make believe he is talking on his cell phone instead of death. The date night at the restaurant was also well done.

I love how this was a different take on Death. Clad in mostly white novelty clothing, it is definitely not the stereotypical Grim Reaper. His use of modern technology like his game system to relax was also a fun twist.

The cover art by Christy Caughie shows the depiction of Death and Thomas with New York City in the background. I was slightly disappointed that Death was not wearing one of his novelty tee shirts but otherwise the cover was well done.

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Book Details:

Ebook, 139 pages
Published September 24, 2014 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-63216-154-3
Edition English