Paul’s Paranormal Portfolio ~ My Favorite Non typical Shifters


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Welcome to another edition of the Paranormal Portfolio. 

While Halloween is fast approaching us, I would like to do something a little different.  I would like to discuss my favorite non typical shifters.  These would be those creatures that are not typically written about in shifter stories.  So no wolves, tigers, lions, or bears are in this list.  Dragon shifters have also been excluded.  This is a list of my favorites from books I have read.  So if yours is not in the list, please leave a comment so I can possible find another favorite.

Most of the nontraditional shifters I have found have come basically from two series that I have been reading.  The first is the Midnight Matings series.  This is a collaborative effort of Gabrielle Evans, Joyee Flynn, and Stormy Glenn.  The other series is actually a collection of series that populate Charlie Richard’s Wolves of Stone Ridge universe.  This includes the spin off series of Kontra’s Menagerie, A Paranormal’s Love, and A Loving Nip series.   There are others out there but these will be a good start.

Two shifters that inspire the aww factor are Casey the albino rabbit and Yuma the penguin in Charlie Richard’s universe.  Casey was Swimming with Penguins coverfound at one the labs that the wolves infiltrated and destroyed early in the series.  After being experimented on and losing some leg muscle to the scientists, Casey is deathly afraid of needles.  So naturally Casey’s mate would turn out to be a vampire!  Yuma is penguin shifter who likes to wear eyeliner and frost the tips of his hair.  He acts as the nurse assistant to Kontra’s group even though he is squeamish around blood.  So naturally he passes out when he is accidentally shot by his mate’s father while in his penguin form.

Two of the strangest shifters that I enjoyed also come from the Stone Ridge universe.  Lyle Sullivan is a detective that knows about shifters.  He is kidnapped by the scientists that are plaguing the area.  They perform experiments hoping to create a new type of soldier.  After his rescue by the wolves, the Stone Ridge doctors must complete the experiment to save Lyle’s life.  When he makes his first shift he turns into a monitor lizard.  The other shifter came about from a request to Ms. Giving Perrin Life coverRichards.  Kai Sudderson is swimming in the lake near his cabin when his tail gets stuck in a trap.  Yuma, the penguin shifter, sees Kai struggling and helps out the platypus.

A supporting character I would like to highlight comes from Eden Winter’s Naked Tales.  The story is of a man coming back to the town where his parents lived before they were killed.  He left with his maternal grandmother to live in Chicago afterwards.  HeNaked Tails Cover returns after his paternal grandmother’s passing.  Unbeknownst to Seth McDaniel, the town including is filled with possum shifters.  He is met by what he describes a Valkyrie.  The woman, whom he would find out is named Monica, detests Seth for abandoning his grandmother, especially near the end of her life.  However, when Seth is called upon to lead this town of shifters, it is Monica who trains him in all things possum and shifting to make it possible.

These are just some of the nontraditional shifters that I have enjoyed.  As I read more, I will write a follow up, which will include comments from my fellow reviewers.  If you have any suggestions for alternate forms of shifters that I and fellow readers might be interested in, please feel free to use the comment section.