A MelanieM Review: Piece of Cake (A Matter of Time #8) by Mary Calmes


Rating: 5 stars out of 5   ★★★★★

Piece of Cake coverAfter years of domestic partnership, Jory Harcourt and Sam Kage are finally going to make it official in their home state of Illinois. It’s been a long and rocky road, and nothing—not disasters at work, not the weather, not a possible stalker, not even getting beat up and having to attend the ceremony looking like he just got mugged—will make Jory wait one more day to make an honest man of the love of his life.

Should be a piece of cake, right?

Jory Harcourt and Sam Kage hold a special place in my M/M book heart as does their series, A Matter of Time.  They were my first introduction to Mary Calmes, her stories and couples which I love so much..  So approaching Jory and Sam’s final story with any sort of objectivity is close to impossible, not only for me but I expect for a huge number of Mary Calmes fans who found her in the same manner.

Here at Piece of Cake, the eighth book, we know what to expect from Jory’s behavior.  Adorable, stubborn, over the top in love with Sam and his kids, still a magnet for trouble…which always finds him.  We know what to expect from Sam Kage.  Totally in love with Jory, a lot of bellowing and roaring (not the same thing), a little waving of guns and scaring people, and lots of sex and love..  Here are the adorable kids, which arrived in the latter books, and always more trouble as well as domestic bliss.  Was it predictable at times?  Yes, but we knew that going in, perhaps, that was even part of the charm.  We wanted them happy, we loved the arguments, the makeup sessions, and laughter,  the familiarity of it all.  Now at the series final, we are all close friends, wishing each other well and a happy bon voyage.   No, that’s not a time for objectivity but for goodbyes.

Piece of Cake has not one but two weddings!  Ok, one is a couple of scenes at the beginning when police Lieutenant Duncan Stiel and husband (and Jory’s ex)  billionaire real estate mogul Aaron Sutter get married again in Chicago. Still!  Two weddings! It should have been a double wedding with Jory and Sam.  Didn’t happen because each man, Aaron and Jory, had vastly different ideas of what their weddings should be. Jory and Sam’s children, Hannah and Kola, Sam, and Jory are sitting in the 2nd row, and instead of watching the ceremony, all four are having a family “whisper style” argument over  the use of the word “crap” at a wedding.  Somehow that rang very true. And funny.

That’s exactly why I love these stories so.  Mary Calmes combines the love that Jory and Sam have for each other and their children into a funny, human moment any parent will recognize.  Its a balance she maintains throughout this story and all the others.  That moment of family squabbling,  whispered so not to attract any (more) notice but you know that’s unavoidable yet you are treating your kids and their questions/statements with the attention they deserve.   Later on, when Jory ignores the danger signs pointing ginormouse arrows at his head and you want to roll your eyes a teensy bit, those earlier moments pull you back, and let you believe that its all just a part of Jory’s character makeup.  Jory is Jory, and you’ve long come to accept and love his shortcomings as has Sam Kage.

Now Jory and Sam are preparing to get married in their backyard with their friends and family in attendance, so what could go wrong? Hmmm.

Well, there’s that strange car that seems to be following Jory everywhere…that he’s not taking seriously.  Yep, that sounds familiar.  Of course its a villain from the past to be dealt with, which happens.  All their family and friends we have met and gotten fond of have small parts here, if nothing else as guests at the backyard wedding. Finally Sam and Jory get married and live happily ever after.You just know they do.  In short, Mary Calmes gives us and Jory and Sam exactly what we wanted.  We all get a Happily Ever After.  Sigh.

I happily recommend Jory and Sam and their series, A Matter of Time.  Please don’t start here if you haven’t read any of these stories before.  This doesn’t give new readers  enough  of a feeling for the couple, their history, and their relationship for them to enjoy it like those of us coming to it with a ton of good will and back knowledge.

Bon voyage, Jory and Sam, its been a treat!


Cover artist is Reese Dante.  That cover is about right.  Guns and wedding cake, perfect for Jory and Sam.

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Book Details:

ebook, 70 pages
Published August 12th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
edition languageEnglish
seriesA Matter of Time #8
characters:Jory Keyes, Sam Kage

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