Fall into the Fantasy World of Sera Kane with ‘Lord of Hearth, Lord of Hollow’ (release day author guest blog and excerpt)



Lord of Hearth, Lord of Hollow by Sera Kane
reamspinner Press
Cover Art by Paul Richmond

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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Sera Kane here today to share her thoughts about her new release, Lord of Hearth, Lord of Hollow.  Welcome, Sera!


Whom shall we meet upon this road?  Spiritkin or stranger-friend, welcome all with giving hands, open smiles.

Hello, everyone.  My name is Sera Kane and I’m beyond thrilled to be here to greet you all!  Why?  Of course you’ve already guessed it, to introduce you to my novella, Lord of Hearth, Lord of Hollow!  Join Aimes as he turns up the heat on his own competitiveness to make it as a chef so he can search for his brother.  Meet Keane as his enforced solitude suddenly comes to an end and he’s faced with the delicious dilemma of what to do with his visitor.

As I wrote, I was faced with the undeniable problem that Aimes is definitely a cook, a chef in training.  And I?  Well.  One time I was unable to boil water.


Fortunately, I’ve spent my entire life overburdened with imagination and with the aid of someone who does know how to cook—thanks again, spouse!—I was even able to add a recipe to the end of the story!  No, it’s not my recipe.  I can’t cook.  My spouse encourages you to try it out, however, and I definitely suggest using the excess as a dip!  Maybe I should ask for him to make it tonight to celebrate…

Besides not cooking, my days are filled with writing and obsessing over words.  And plots.  And characters.  Fantasy is my preferred genre, so everything having to do with Keane, an Elfaegaardian lord, flowed fairly easily.  Actually, the entire world bloomed as though it had merely been waiting for my fingers to touch keyboard and thus open the gates.

I would certainly love to do more in this world and have some very vague bubblings of a human prince meeting an El lord himself.  Perhaps, if you, the travelers of our world, wish to learn more, I could be persuaded to do so.  Hint hint: please let me know!  I not only love to answer questions, but I love to know what the readers think!

So, please!  Read and enjoy the story of Aimes and Keane, and smile as you know that every cooking reference was blatantly stolen from my spouse.  Thank you!


Culinary school is hard enough for Aimes Cully without mixing in an utterly underwhelming physical appearance—too small, too delicate, too red-haired, too freckled, too human—added with the inability to magically improve the food—still too human—and facing the too beautiful, too fae-looking Aleksi’s teases and taunts. When rumors surface that Aimes’s older brother’s success is a lie, Aimes is determined to prove them wrong and show that pure-blooded humans are the equal of anyone with mixed blood.

But things get worse after Aimes is caught in a faerie ring and transported to the fae hollow of Lord Keanewyeth Ordorial. As the attraction heats up, it becomes obvious that there’s something wrong in the magical home. A cursed creature appears, and everything becomes jumbled as the secrets of their lives collide into a painful concoction of Aimes’s past and Keanewyeth’s present. But if they can meld their talents, they might be able to save each.

Special Excerpt

Step and hop on cloudy night,

Out again afore moon’s soft light.

Else a price that must be paid;

The lord’s commands are all obeyed.

A molasses pause filled the room, thick and oozing. It was a silence that spoke of the dark curse: Double. Dog. Dare.

Aimes held his breath, eyes focused firmly on Aleksi’s grim and angry face. He knew better than to push the teacher’s pet. He knew better than to open his big, stupid mouth and do the one thing his older brother had warned him against doing ever. You could never be too careful when you were too human. Those with fae blood would always come down harder on those without, so the Cullys had to be better. Be smarter, braver, and more creative. That’s why Markl had kept trying until he was accepted at the palace. That was why Aimes had to make it to the palace, too.

“If you’re such a know-all-fae,” Aleksi announced with all of the dramatic flare of a ringmaster about to bring out the dancing flame wraiths, “then you can just go get some fairy mushrooms tonight. And then you can make your ‘oh, so famous’—” Aleksi punctuated the words with air quotations so sarcastic that a few of their fellows grimaced at the taste of them. “—Faerie mushrooms for Madame LeBanch tomorrow.”

Aimes took in a swift, tremulous breath. He could still get out of this. All he had to do was cut in with a scathing remark now, something that would cut Aleksi’s legs right out from under him, before he had a chance to invoke….

“I double-dog dare you.”

The curse settled over the class like a blanket. Aleksi’s cronies tittered in delight while his rivals watched in disgusted shock. It was a waste of a curse, especially on a nonentity like Aimes. Humans didn’t have the innate magic to effectively challenge a curse, and especially not one as complex as a named dare. Aimes wouldn’t be able to turn the curse back on Aleksi because fae blood always trumped human blood. The reminder of his ineptitude stung.

Aimes clenched his fists, and his pale chin came up sharply. “All right,” he said, trying to pretend that this high-pitched thing was the normal sound of his voice. “I accept.”

About the Author

Sera Kane has loved the written word for essentially forever, in this particular case, somewhere in the range of thirty years or so.  She writes to share the fantastical things that go on in her mind on a daily basis.  Her secret-but-not-so-secret desire is to write pieces that are impossible to put down.  And, also, to kill off a beloved character.  She has not succeeded at either of these things, but be warned that she wants to!

She currently lives in southern California, but she’s been quite a few places in her day!  Her favourites include Washington– the state, not DC– Texas, and Japan.  Her house is filled by an exceedingly tall husband, a very swift son, a derpy German Shepherd, and a grumpy yet loving Shih-Tzu.  If she ever won the lottery, she’d have houses in all three of those places and breed Shepherds in at least one of them.

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Its a Last Visit To Pleasanton with Andrew Grey, On His Latest Release ‘Love Comes to Light (Senses #6) (guest blog, and excerpt)


love comes to light

Love Comes To Light (Senses #6) by Andrew Grey
reamspinner Press

Cover Artist L.C. Chase
Release Date:  March 18, 2016

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press eBook & Paperback

Love Comes to Light – Pleasanton

This story represents the last time we will visit Pleasanton, Michigan, a town I made up in my imagination.  However, the area is a place I remember fondly.  When I was about eight or so, my family took a trip around Lake Superior and we spent some time in that area of Michigan.  My memories of that time are sketchy, but I do remember getting on a boat with my dad and seeing the colored layers of rocks that make up Pictured Rocks in Lake Superior.  Later when Dominic and I took a trip the Upper Peninsula years ago, we once again travelled through that area.

It was beautiful with pine forests and sparkling water.  Dominic and I had a wonderful time driving along the lakeshore and we ended up stopping by the lake at a roadside picnic area for lunch.  It was that lunch and our drive that I recalled when I decided to create Pleasanton.   There are small towns in that area of the state and some of them have characteristics that went into Pleasanton, in the end my town is an amalgamation of what I saw and what sprang from my imagination.


A Senses Series Story

Artist Arik Bosler is terrified he might have lost his creative gift in the accident that left his hand badly burned. When he’s offered the chance to work with renowned artist Ken Brighton, Arik fears his injury will be too much to overcome.

He travels to Pleasanton to meet Ken, where he runs into the intimidating Reg Thompson. Reg, a biker who customizes motorcycles, is a big man with a heart of gold who was rejected by most of his family. Arik is initially afraid of Reg because of his size. However it’s Reg’s heart that warms Arik’s interest and gets him to look past the exterior to let down his guard.

But Arik soon realizes that certain members of Reg’s motorcycle club are into things he can’t have any part of. Reg can’t understand why Arik disappears until he learns Arik’s injury was the result of his father’s drug activity. Though neither Reg nor Arik wants anything to do with drugs, the new leadership of Reg’s club might have other ideas.


At the edge of Pleasanton, his nerves began to get the better of him. He pulled into a gas station and up to the pumps, then turned off the engine. He needed gas and a chance to think. He should have stayed home and not put himself through all this.

A tap on the doorframe pulled him out of his thoughts. Arik turned and squeaked at the huge man half leaning into his window. “You want some gas or what?” the man asked gruffly. Arik was belted in or he’d have scooted into the passenger seat to get away.

“Yeah,” he answered shakily. Arik watched as the huge, bald-headed man, dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt with a leather jacket hanging open over the top, stared back at him with eyes that said he wanted to tear Arik apart. At least that was what Arik saw in them. He shivered and tried not to look scared. “Th… thank you?” God, he hoped this guy worked at the station.

The guy didn’t move—he just watched Arik for a few seconds as Arik chilled and willed his legs not to shake while hoping the guy wasn’t about to reach in and grab him.

The huge man pulled back, and Arik breathed a sigh of relief.

“You need to open your gas cover,” the man said, and Arik pulled the gas-cap lever, fingers shaking. He reached over and raised the passenger window. He also raised his partway and felt a little safer. Arik adjusted his rearview mirror, watching the man and wishing like hell he could get out of here. He reminded himself that the two of them had never met before, and the guy pumping his gas had no reason to hate him. That still didn’t stop Arik’s insides from churning. When he heard the sound of the gas nozzle being removed, he pulled out his wallet, checked the pump for the amount, and got out some bills.

“That will be $27.53,” the man said gruffly.

Arik handed him thirty dollars. “Thank you,” he said hastily, and then he raised the window and started the engine. The man might have said something, but Arik pulled away and turned back onto the main road, following the directions his GPS system gave him.

It took a good ten minutes for his breathing to return to normal. He hated that the gas station guy had intimidated him, but he hadn’t been able to help his reaction.

 Andrew Grey

About the Author

Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.

Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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