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Author Sera Trevor


I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of awesome authors. One of those authors who I ended up betaing for by chance this year is Sera Trevor.

Prior to betaing for her, I read her story, Consorting with Dragons, and found myself utterly charmed by her imagination. I’m not usually one for dragons and all that magical fun, but I don’t necessarily turn my head to it either. I decided to give it a shot when it was picked for me for a Gang Bang challenge, and I’m oh so happy that I did.

Consorting with Dragons is just the first book that gives us a look into the mind of Sera Trevor. Whether it’s contemporary or fantasy, she manages to create a world and atmosphere that captures readers from the start and makes letting go nearly impossible.

I had the pleasure of catching Sera for a brief interview to talk a bit about some of her past books, her process, and what we can hope to see from her in the future!


Sam: Hey, Sera! Thank you for joining us on Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words for a mini-interview. Something I really like about your stories is how new they feel. Can you tell me a little about how a plot comes to fruition with your stories?

Sera: I start with a general premise and a vague notion of where I would like to go with a story, then create my cast of characters. After that, I write out in summary the plot of my story, chapter by chapter. When I have the frame of the story gingerly propped up, I set my characters loose and watch them knock it over while laughing at me. So I prop it back up, make some repairs, then set them loose again. Repeat until the story doesn’t fall down.

Sam: Sounds like a good plan to me, but I’m curious, how did you get the idea for The Troll Whisperer? Oscar is different from any character I’ve read and the plot line is quite original. It made me wonder if maybe you know an Oscar in real life, haha.

Sera: Fortunately not! (Or maybe unfortunately, depending on how you look at it. The guy does have his good points, as Noah would undoubtedly point out. However, Noah has a lot more patience than I do.) One of the reasons I love writing is that it gives me the opportunity to really explore different human experiences, and I like the challenge of working with difficult characters especially. I feel like taking on characters like Oscar is an exercise in compassion – to put yourself in the shoes of someone behaving badly and try to get where they are coming from.

Sam: Ah, that’s actually a really good point. I definitely felt that I grew to understand Oscar more as I read on. I imagine other readers feel the same. That was your first time really venturing into publishing contemporary, right? Can we expect any more of that genre from you?

Sera: Quite possibly! I’m more of a genre girl, but I had so much fun with The Troll Whisperer that I would definitely do contemporary again if the right plot snags me.

Sam: Very cool. So what do we have to have to look forward to from you in the future?

Sera: Right now, I’m working on the long-awaited expansion to Consorting with Dragons, as well as the sequel, Lances and Lovers. L&L will give Larely the guard his own love story when he rushes to the aide of yet another handsome young lord in distress, although said young lord is rather bad at accepting help, has a nasty temper, and has an equally wild dragon companion who threatens to wreak havoc on the populace. Larely’s got his work cut out for him, is all I’m saying. Risyda and Polina will be making an appearance as well. Plus, there will be baby dragons!

Sam: Great. I’m really excited to get my hands on it! I’ll make sure to keep my eyes on the lookout. How can readers keep up on any updates or news?

Sera: You can sign up for my newsletter at to get notified of new releases, plus you’ll get access to bonus content and sneak peeks of my works in progress.

Sam: Awesome. I know I’ve signed up for it already. Full of fun perks. And where can readers get their hands on your books?

Sera: You can pick up my books at AmazonSmashwords, and All Romance eBooks.

Sam: Anyway, thank you for your time. I certainly look forward to seeing more of your stories.

Sera: Thank you for having me! It’s been a lot of fun!


Sera Trevor has been a fan of gay romance from probably too early an age. (You know those buttons on certain websites that you have to click to verify you’re over eighteen? She would totally click them before she was eighteen. Please don’t tell her parents.) She is too disorganized to decide on a subgenre, although her imagination has a decidedly fantastical bent to it.

She lives in California with her laptop, Kindle, and several hundred books. Also, she has some kids and a husband.

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Consorting with Dragons is available at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s webpage here, but will not be available at major retailers until the expansion is complete.

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Author Discovery: BJ on Author Lia Black


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BJ on Author Lia Black

With the plethora of competent m/m authors around these days, we fans have a daunting variety to choose from. I’ve sampled and enjoyed a book or two from hundreds of authors, but there’s only a handful whose books I just can’t seem to get enough of. Their books call my name the second they’re released. Lia Black is one of those authors.

She’s published five m/m novels to date, and I’ve devoured every single one with relish. All were five star reads with one exception that I rated 4.25, not because of the writing… oh, wait a minute, maybe it was the writing. Because what else was it but her brilliant writing that got me so thoroughly invested in (or should I say in love with?) the two main characters that I just couldn’t stand it when they were separated for a portion of the book? The frustration of that separation made me want to scream. And that right there is a key to why she’s one of my favorite authors.

Lia Black’s storylines suck me in; her characters fascinate me; and her writing always works its way deep down into the recesses of my neglected, dusty, middle-of-nowhere heart and plucks at my emotions. Hard.

Lia’s writing is a bit hard to pigeonhole. Her goodread’s author page states that her work is fantasy, sci-fi, LGBT romance. But that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. You see, Ms. Black does tend to live up to her name. There are dark parts in each and every story I’ve read by this author. Sometimes very dark indeed. So, if you want light and fluffy with a cherry on top, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you’re okay with a story that can make you gasp, that can smash your heart into the gutter and step on it, then ever so tenderly and exquisitely rip it to shreds before putting it back together—read on. You won’t be disappointed.

This author’s characters are sometimes broken yet not angsty, glamorous yet sad, weird yet beautiful, extreme and even gross yet still awesome and cool in their own right. Some of them even have long hair (well, what can I say, long-haired men are a thing for me so I had to mention that!)

And her writing makes me feel… a lot. Sometimes that means quivering in disgust and wanting to roll into a ball like a pill bug and hide but being too entranced to put the book down and do it. Sometimes it means aww moments when my heart wants to melt in my chest cuz I’ve just fallen in love with a character she breathed such life into that I have a clear picture of them in my head, not of a generic sexy man that could fit for a character in any number of stories I’ve read, but someone I feel like I could pick out in a crowd… one I could pick up my paint brush and paint a portrait of except I usually don’t, because I wouldn’t do him justice since I paint dogs and not people.

Lia Black’s stories leave emotional paper cuts on my heart. They’re by turns exhausting, frustrating, horrifying, amazing, fascinating, and touching. But always riveting, and always, in the end, healing. Deliciously dark stories that somehow light me up inside.

I think this excerpt from my review of Fidelity sums it up well: “Not for the faint-hearted, one particular scene at the beginning took my breath away with its grisly, shocking cruelty. But amidst the bloody battle scenes, there is humor, small joys, and sweet tenderness. Amidst the dismantling, I was put back together. The ride to get there was gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, and painful to read. I absolutely loved it.”

So if you’re looking for something different, something to expand your boundaries or to touch on places that maybe you haven’t explored, something to make you feel and not always in a fluffy, sweet way—look no further. Read Lia Black. And if you need help picking which of her books to start with, check out the links to my full reviews below.

Oh, I have one other thing to say about her writing, and I really hope she’s reading this. I desperately need to read more.

About The Author

Lia Black tends to do everything the hard way; beginning with being born backwards into the world and now Lia Black Iconraising a teenage daughter by herself in conservative Upstate NY. Her career choices are no less extreme, including occupations of fine artist, computer geek, firefighter, and mortician’s assistant— just to name a few.

A fellow Author describes Black’s mind as “a glorious kaleidoscope of f*ckeduppery”; she loves the challenge of writing about people who probably have no business being together on the same planet, and who occasionally deal with questionable sanity/morality. It’s fun to glue broken things together and try to make something interesting and new.
–She especially loves broken boys who have lots of fascinating pieces.

Her characters often suffer through the worlds she creates for them, which leaves them a little cranky and sometimes less lovable than others in a romance genre. Yet Black swears that someday, “there will be comedy.”

Follow Lia Black at:  Goodreads | Website | Twitter |

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