A Paul B Review: Setting His Owl A-Twitter (Wolves of Stone Ridge #33) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Setting His Owl A TwitterRocky Nelson is a bouncer at a bar about an hour from Stone Ridge.  For the past few weeks, a young man has been hanging around the bar.  Each night, the young man would ask Rocky to dance.  However, he refuses each time.  It would break two rules.  First, he never dances at the club where he works.  Second, he does not get involved with party boys.  As he has seen this guy every shift he has worked the past few weeks, the guy must qualify, right?

Hector is one of the bird shifters that was rescued a couple of months ago in Europe.  The self made flock was then moved to Stone Ridge under the protection of the wolf pack that rescued them.  While travelling to Stone Ridge, the flock stop sat a club to release tension of being held captive for a number of years.  There, Hector meets his mate in a bouncer named Rocky.  However, every time he asks Rocky to dance, his mate turns him down.  The rest of the flock convinces Hector to let the mate pull work and not to give up hope.

When a co-worker tells Rocky that he thinks Rocky has misread the cute guy hanging around the bar, Rocky rethinks his position.  The next time Hector comes up to ask him to dance, he once again refuses but then asks Hector out for a bite to eat.  While he finds it strange that Hector does not have a cell phone, he chalks it up to one of the gay’s idiosyncrasies.  Then he thinks that he himself has a past that will have an impact on any future relationship with Hector.  Will each man accept the past the each brings to the relationship?

This story continues to explore the members of the flock that was rescued by the Stone Ridge pack.  I have a feeling that the focus on the series will be centered around these bird shifters as most of the wolf shifters in the pack have been mated.  The innocence of Hector almost requires a strong man both physically and mentally to protect him and he finds this in Rocky.  Rocky has been burned by a past relationship, which fuels his mistrust of club people for dates.  The story is solid, which I expect from Ms. Richards.  I look forward to see which of our birds is next to be mated.

Cover art.  Strong cover, gorgeous photograph of owl and man.

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ebook, 106 pages
Published January 15th 2016 by Extasy Books
Edition LanguageEnglish

Series:  Wolves of Stone Ridge

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