An Alisa Review: The Icicles by R.W. Clinger


Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Meet the Icicles: unpredictable, exciting, comedic, and festive.

When Jonah Icicle decides to spend Christmas with his family and introduces his new boyfriend Sandy, everyone reacts differently. His mother Pam is combative, always judgmental to a fault, obnoxious, and loud. Jonah’s sister Willa adores the new man in her brother’s life and feels he will be a key player in their close unit. Willa’s husband Bobo suffers from hypersexuality and unfortunately can’t keep his hands off Sandy. And Jake, Jonah’s brother and Pam’s favorite son, is more interested in his marijuana than his relatives.

As the snow flies and the electricity goes out, the Icicles fight, hug, and laugh. Can they welcome the holiday spirit — and Sandy — into their lives?

What did I just read?  That is what has been going through my head since I finished this book.  With how they keep referring to what happened when Jonah brought his previous boyfriend home I can’t believe he is willing to bring another.

To me, Jonah’s family is just plain nuts.  His mom doesn’t show respect for anyone, Bobo is at first only referred to as a cheater but apparently his hypersexuality is an excuse?  He didn’t say one nice thing about anyone in his family when he was trying to reassure Sandy in the truck during the ride.  I had trouble understanding these characters especially why they would subject themselves to these people even if they are family.  So much seemed scattered throughout the story that it made it even harder to get into it.

The cover art by Written Ink Designs is nice Christmas themed cover.

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Book Details:

ebook, 52 pages

Published: December 2, 2017 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781634865265