A VVivacious Review: Tournament of Champions (Daniel and Ryan #10) by Tamryn Eradani


Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

Daniel and Ryan meet each other’s sisters and Ryan convinces Daniel to participate in their company’s Jeopardy tournament as Daniel realises that their relationship is no longer just between the two of them.

I loved this story. It was so uniquely different from all the other books in this series. This book in the series has no conflict between Daniel and Ryan but the story still manages to grow and we get to see a whole new side of Daniel and Ryan’s relationship.

I loved this story a lot. I especially loved the scene where we get to meet Daniel’s sister Ashley and Ryan’s sisters Rebecca and Kara because despite the fact that these three are characters that have not been developed over time these three still managed to hold their own against Daniel and Ryan. That entire scene is exceptionally well done and I can’t wait for Daniel and Ryan to meet each other’s parents.

On the whole, this story made me so happy. I don’t think I remember a sex scene between Daniel and Ryan that wasn’t a scene so that was very nice and unique, to see Daniel lose control in a whole new way and just God it blew me.

This story really made me realize not only how far these two have come but also how far they will go.

I am a little worried that this might be the last book in the series and I have completely missed the memo because for the first time since I have begun reading this series the excerpt at the end was of another series by Tamryn Eradani.

If this is the end, it was incredibly well done. Through all the ups and downs of this series, though the ups far outnumber the downs I have really begun to understand these two characters and along with them, I have fallen in love with the relationship they have created.

If this is the end, thanks for an incredible series and if not, I still can’t wait for the next one.

Cover Art by Natasha Snow is amazing as always.

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Book Details:

Published November 20th 2017 by NineStar Press
ISBN13 9781947904286
Edition Language English