Review: Strut (Style #2) by Jay Hogan

Rating: 4.5🌈: Style, the high fashion series from Jay Hogan, has as its core elements high fashion, those that work within the industry ,whether it’s designers, models, photographers, fashion bloggers, and, sexual assault. I’ve finished Strut and Flare, and each of the main characters of those storylines has been the victim of a sexual assault,… Continue reading Review: Strut (Style #2) by Jay Hogan

Review: Flare (Style #1) by Jay Hogan

Rating: 4.5🌈 Flare is a very intense contemporary romance set in Auckland’s high fashion world. The first of a new series that will incorporate , at least from looking at the description of Strut, the second novel, high fashion, models, a certain circle of friends that starts with this fashion line, and, unfortunately, a element… Continue reading Review: Flare (Style #1) by Jay Hogan