Abigail Roux’s Save The Kitty Contest and Compass Rose Pendant from Cut and Run series


Abigail Roux is running a wonderful contest over at her website called Save The Kitty Contest.   As I had mentioned in my review of Armed and Dangerous, Abigail does extensive research into subjects covered in her books and the new Cut and Run book #6, Stars and Stripes, is no different.  Ms. Roux flew to Texas and visited the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boyds to learn about the plight of captive big cats and their increasingly threatened status in the wild.

It made a huge impact on her as she states in her blog, Shop To Save The Kitties.  Here she is offering a contest (and what an amazing contest it is) with all eBook copies of the entire Cut and Run series, including those not yet written – at least 9 total.  Then on top of that you get Ty’s Compass Rose pendant, a  Team Zane or Team Ty t-shirt.  Unbelievable.  But you have to visit the blog above and get the instructions on how to enter.  Abigail Roux has already donated the proceeds of her research trip to the Sanctuary while she was there and she is donating 10 percent of her royalties from Stars and Stripes, the next Cut and Run book. You can also purchase Ty’s  pendant, seen to the right, by itself.  Sigh! Or get one of their Team Zane or Team Ty t-shirts.  Treat yourself, help an animal!

So let’s recap shall we? Go read all the Cut and Run books, you will love them if you don’t already.  They are listed in order at the end of my review for the outstanding Armed and Dangerous novel.  Visit Abigail Roux’s blog, read in her words the impact the Sanctuary had on her and enter the contest.  You will be helping a tremendous cause that can use every dollar that is donated.  Visit Abigail’s website now.

Here is the link for the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boyds, Texas.