The Week Ahead and a Rant About the Weather


So, here it is Sunday and my power just came back on after a storm called a Delrechos, a powerful storm that moves in a straight line, gaining power as it crosses into high temperatures and humidity, happens usually every 4 years.  Our time was Friday night and the storm came out of Ohio and the Midwest, doing damage there before almost wiping out the MidAtlantic states power structure in 1 night.  I am getting  this out now but come Monday and no blog, well, that just means our power went out again.  Over 4 million people at one time without power, now down to around 1.4 million, most won’t get power back until July 6th.  And we also have water problems as the pumping stations went down as well,of course.  What a fragile thing our infrastructure is.  Mother Nature 1, Humans 0.  So I am getting this out, then off to take a shower and grab a hot meal  then sit in front of a vent.  Ah, the pleasures of life in our century. I do not take them for granted.

So, keeping fingers crossed, here is the schedule for the week ahead:

Monday:                      Places In Time  by C. Carden0

Tuesday:                       Just What The Truth Is by C. Cardeno

Wednesday:                 An Honorable Man by Edward Kendricks

Thursday:                     Full Circle by RJ Scott

Friday:                           One Last Kiss Goodbye by N.J. Nielson

Saturday:                       Surprise Book – the surprise being the power stayed on for me to write another review!



So I am outta here!  Stay cool, stay powered, and have a wonderful 4th of July for those that live in the United States!



2 thoughts on “The Week Ahead and a Rant About the Weather

  1. I hope your power continues to work. I live in Las Vegas and the heat here is brutal in the summer.

    I really enjoyed R.J. Scotts Sanctuary Series, and Full Circle was my favorite. I haven’t bought An Honorable Man yet. I think probably Friday. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

    Enjoy your reading time, and try to stay cool.


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