Hump Day and Delayed Schedule


It’s Wednesday and that means it is also halfway through the week and Hump Day here in the U.S.  As the mad scramble towards the Holidays continues, it is hard to find some downtime, to take a moment to catch your breath and look at what you need to do for the week.   With only five more days to Christmas, I feeling a little overwhelmed with last minute shopping lists for presents and groceries as well as last minute decorating to do here at the house.  I ran out of yarn for one project I am working on.  I swear I thought there was one more skein of that color in the bag. Sigh.  And of course, I still have reviews to finish.

So here is the “flexible schedule” for the rest of the week:

Wednesday, 12/20:                         Two Reviews for Silver Publishing’s Holiday Stories

Thursday, 12/21:                              Three Reviews for Dreamspinner Press’ Evergreen Advent Stories

Friday, 12/22:                                   Sullivan by Bailey Bradford, and 2 more DSP Evergreen Advent Story Reviews

Saturday, 12/23:                               A  Great Miracle Happens There by Tia Fielding

Next week I am coming out with my Best Covers for 2012.  Really, there are some stunners this year and a welcome trend towards retro looking covers that I adored.   Christmas Day will see a rerun of a review for a favorite 2012 book, and then we will be back on the 26th with new reviews to finish up the year.

If you have a special cover you have loved this year, one that stood out from all the rest, let me know and I will include it as part of the Best Covers post.

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