Review: Unexpected Rescue (Unexpected #1) by Silvia Violet


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Unexpected Rescue coverEx Navy Seal Jackson is trying to recuperate from a mission gone terribly wrong.  Jackson’s injury from that mission has cost him his career as a SEAL and left him with a strong case of PSTD, and a leg that barely works.   It also left him the only person  who knows that it was a setup.  That the very man who was guiding them to their destination was also the person who betrayed them and now hunts Jackson to eliminate the last eyewitness to the crime.  The problem is that no one believes him, not even his buddies.  They think its all in his head.  Until the killer makes a very big mistake.

Addison “Addy” O’Flanagan was the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.  A wilderness guide on his anniversary trip with his boyfriend when that trip went bad and the boyfriend left.  A kayak and the ocean seemed like a good idea.  Until it wasn’t when the men hunting Jackson make a case of mistaken identy with Addison as the target.

When Jackson sees a kayaker hanging off his boat in the ocean off his beachfront vacation home, he comes to the kayaker’s rescue despite Jackson’s own injuries. The kayaker’s been shot and  Jackson knows that means his enemy is near. But how to keep Addison and himself safe until he can get help and backup? The answer is what is has always been, another Navy SEAL.

An high action quick paced tale, Unexpected Rescue, is the first in the Unexpected series from Silvia Violet.  The first story is focused on former Navy Seal Jackson and his romance with Addison “Addy” O’Flanagan.  The action starts from the first  scene where we are dumped into the memories of Jackson as he recuperates at a rental beach house on the coast of North Carolina.  From a disastrous mission in Columbia that cost  Jackson and his team most of their members and Jackson his career as a Navy SEAL, to the present day at the beach, the story is told from Jackson’s point of view.

From the moment Jackson sees a kayaker in trouble in the seas in front of his balcony, Silvia Violet whips the action up to high speed.  The author is terrific at letting the readers into the action from a race into the ocean and then the fight to get Addy back to safety and shore to the appearance of the villains of the story and series.  There is very little “downtime” for either the characters or the readers here.  We go from one frantic suspense-filled scene to another in almost record time.  We have fights, guns ablazin’, and bad guys lurking around every corner.  And I liked that about this story.  Action packed?  Heck yeah!

What i thought it was missing was a little more quiet moments or perhaps just a little more background on Addison that would let me feel that the romance that is kindled between Addison and Jackson had a solid foundation on anything other than physical attraction (not that’s there’s anything wrong with that) or close proximation.   As it was it felt a little rushed.  Sexy? Yes but it felt like a case of “instalove”.  A little longer length to the story and I think that would have been taken care of.

Maybe we will see more of them in the next book in the series, Unexpected Trust.  In that story, one of the characters here, former Navy SEAL and now Special Agent, Hugh “Sport” Cranford, gets his own version of action and  HEA.

If you like action,and a fast paced love affair, then Unexpected Rescue just might be the thing for you.  It’s short, lively, and fun.

Cover art by Meredith Russell.  Love that model.  Works perfectly for this story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 95 pages
Published November 4th 2013 by Silvia Violet Books (first published November 3rd 2013)
edition languageEnglish
series Unexpected #1

Books in the Unexpected series to date are:

Unexpected Rescue (Unexpected #1)
Unexpected Trust (Unexpected #2)

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