In the Author Spotlight: Interview with Havan Fellows on her Hard, Sexy Men! (contest)


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Meet Havan Fellows!

Up Close and In the Author’s Interview Chair!


 Contest:  Havan Fellows has stopped by for interview and brought a contest with her as well.  To enter to win, visit this rafflecopter link for the entry form and additional  contest details.  Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

Meet Havan Fellows! Creator of Wick, Rowen and so many other memorable characters and one of the authors of the Pulp Friction Author Group:

Oooooh…thank you for having me again, Melanie. You know I love visiting you and the cutie pie puppies! *sneaks puppies treats* What? Oh nothing is in my hands…um…now. 🙂 So you had some questions you wanted to ask me? *clears throat*

First maybe I should introduce myself…my name is Havan Fellows…I’m an author. I’ve written in different genres—het and M/M romance…but I’ve only so far published M/M romance (it’s my pleasure…guilty or otherwise hehe). I’m published with Breathless Press, Totally Bound, and self-published…and I also write with two terrific groups; Story Orgy (SO) and Pulp Friction (PF). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a lucky lucky person…the amazing authors at Story Orgy and Pulp Friction have taught me more than any workshop or class could’ve…I owe a lot to them…especially my best friend—the multi-talented Lee Brazil (who writes for SO and PF also), Lee’s the one that kicked my assets into drive when I explained I wanted to write but was afraid to put myself out there. Did I mention really really lucky?

Now, a bad habit I have is the gift of babble…my father once said that I kinda just throw words out there and the listener has to collect them and put them into proper order to understand anything I say (maybe that explains my love of em-dashes and ellipses? lol)…and since I don’t want to prove him right…um…let’s get on with the questions, shall we?

STRW:  Where did you get your inspiration for Rowen?

Havan Fellows: Well, back in September or October of 2013 the PF group (Laura Harner, Tom Webb, Lee Brazil and myself) were having another one of our get-togethers…the wine was flowing, the laughter was contagious and the sexy pictures were stimulating…oh crap, TMI? Anyway, we were talking about next year…and if there would be a next year. Of course we all wanted to give PF another go…and Flagstaff seemed like a terrific idea for the backdrop…but I was faced with my normal fears. I always worry that I’ll just recycle characters—and Wick is an epic character in my opinion…but not one I want to take on for another year (he’s very high maintenance, let me tell you! lol). So I was wondering what would be the opposite of Wick? What about a quiet recluse? That had merit, and would work well in a cabin in a campground in the middle of almost nowhere. So Rowen was born…and grew in my mind very quickly.

STRW:  Sometimes characters are too big for one series. Wick is like that. Is Rowen another?

Havan Fellows: I think that goes back to my Wick is epic comment, huh? Guess I jumped the gun…lol. I don’t know if Rowen is, yet. I don’t plan stuff like that out ahead—and I’m very grateful when others think that way toward my characters. In fact, even though Rowen wormed his way into my heart before I finished writing the first book, I didn’t think others would take to him like I did. He doesn’t make it easy for people to understand or like him, but the feedback I’m getting about Rowen is amazing and really makes me smile. Thanks to all the Rowen lovers – you have spurred me on throughout all the books. 🙂

STRW:  How many stories are you working on at one time?

Havan Fellows: Well I always have a PF book going it seems (already started on Final Blow – you should see the opening for it *blinks*)…and I have my Monday prompt story with Story Orgy (free reads every Monday yay!!!)…and sometimes (like now) I have a third book I’m trying to get to a publishable state of mind.

STRW:  Will there be a Pulp Friction 2015?

Havan Fellows: Ahhh…now that is the question…and soon we might actually have an answer to it.

STRW:  Favorite character of yours?

Havan Fellows: Now now now…I love all of my main characters equally (eyes the trouble makers—Wick & Shan). Now that I’ve given the PC answer…there is something about an imperfect person finding redemption and becoming someone they never thought they could be…and having others see the good in them they don’t feel is there. I believe I hit that mark with Jude from Judging Jude. Even though he thought he was trash, a select few always saw the good he didn’t even realize he did.

STRW:  Do you listen to music as you write and if so, is there a type of music?

Havan Fellows: Nope…I may listen to a song before I write to get me in the mood, but during writing I kinda need quiet. I like to sing and move when I hear music…and my hands don’t stay on the keyboard…lol.

STRW:  Favorite book you read as a child. What impact did it have on you.

Havan Fellows: I think all of Christopher Pike’s books hit me hard. I remember dragging my mama to the bookstore and picking out two of his books each time…from him I worked my way up to Stephen King and Dean Koontz (OMG Lightning by Dean Koontz will stick with you forever!) If you are looking for a specific classic book, I’m not sure I could name one. I was awful at keeping my concentration on books I was forced to read…but the ones I chose to read—now they were something else!

STRW:  If Wick could have super powers, what would they be?

Havan Fellows: HA! Dangerous. Probably nothing that would make him invincible…taking away the threat of defeat or death would lesson his fun in a situation. No x-ray vision or anything like that either…he doesn’t go where he isn’t openly invited, it’s half the fun to make something beg him for it, lol. Oh wait! He does have super powers…he’s named them Banyu…lmao.

 STRW:  What’s next up for Havan Fellows?

HF: Hopefully something brilliant and quirky and funny, with a side of steamy and interesting? Am I aiming too high? How about settling for Final Blow from PF and maybe the first book in a trilogy I’m working on unofficially titled Chance at Trust – the trilogy itself isn’t named yet, darn that always gets me. 🙂

Once again, thank you Melanie for having me and thanks to all that stayed long enough to read these thanks…lol. I would love it if you left a comment—perhaps telling us what type of character worms their way into your hearts most often? That would be interesting (and I might take notes for a future book! lol) But seriously, play with the Rafflecopter (he’s loves being manhandled)—there are two prizes up for grabs for two different winners…a $10 gift card to All Romance e-books and a complete set of my Pulp Friction 2014 books (including Final Blow, which will be whisked to you when it is available!)

Thanks, Havan, for stopping by and all the wonderful stories offered up as part of the contest.  I can’t wait for Final Blow to come out!

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19 thoughts on “In the Author Spotlight: Interview with Havan Fellows on her Hard, Sexy Men! (contest)

  1. I like the sweet, quirky one who ends up surprising everybody, and/or the innocent who doesn’t realize he’s naughty!


  2. Wick was my most favorite of all the 2013 PF mc’s. I’m looking forward to reading PF 2014 and more of Wick.


  3. I like the dark, quiet, secretive ones, who, underneath, have an intensely compassionate and kind nature – which they rarely show – and only to those they fall in love with 🙂 Otherwise, I love the smart-alec ones, like Wick, who can blow you away with just one comment 🙂


  4. I like the quiet unassuming ones who turn out to be HOT and alpha once you get them in the bedroom 🙂 . Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. You know, Havan, I like them all. If the writing and plot, plus dialogue, are good, then I can fall for just about any type of character.


  6. Hmm a tricky question, I enjoy characters that are not perfect, the ones who may be quiet, but are quietly imposing and take control when necessary and can switch if necessary to sympathetic and loving or the ones that seek a partner to help them heal. But I enjoy reading about any characters as long as they are well written and I can relate to them or understand them, which is done by a good author even if you may not follow in their lifestyle or have experience of issues that they have in their lives

    Thank you for a great giveaway, especially a chance to win this series 🙂


  7. I liked the interview. Hard to pick a favorite character type but I think it would be the bad boy.


  8. I like different types since it’s usually more than one type in a story to make it interesting. I like characters that overcome difficulties through internal growth and support from others.


  9. my “type” changes with the book I read…so long as the characters are well written and believable within the story


  10. I like the smart nerd who is not drop-dead gorgeous, but a really nice guy who deserves his HEA!


  11. Thats difficult I like characters they have flaws and problems but can find their HEA at the end of the book.



  12. Ooooooh…I love all the ideas in these comments. 🙂 You better believe I’m taking notes! Thanks everyone for chatting with me and Melanie and thanks for taking the time to comment – I appreciate it. 🙂


  13. It’s no secret that I love “Wickilicious”, but I have to add Ned, Rowen and Mick to that list now. I’m just a big fan of Havan Fellows.


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