Want a Creepy Quickie? Get 3! It’s the Bump in the Night Book Tour from Riptide! (contest)



Feel that cold creeping into the room?  Getting the shivers?  Let’s welcome some frighteningly awesome authors here today to clue us into the creepy quickies they have in store for us all…

Hey, everyone! We’re Heidi, Kari, Laylah, and Sam, and we’re here touring with our three Creepy Quickies releases! Laylah’s bringing you Resurrection Man, about a man who will go to any–and we do mean any–lengths to bring his lover back from the dead. Kari has Mating Season, for those of you who love amorous aquatic beasts and mad scientists. And finally, Heidi and Sam wrote Blasphemer, Sinner, Saint, about a demon deal set in 1880s Whitechapel.

Originally written for the horror anthology Bump in the Night, our three stories span the gamut of the genre, from spine-chilling scares to stolen moments of tenderness to inescapable dead ends.

To celebrate our release, we’re giving away a $10 Riptide gift card! Just comment below–or on any of our other stops, all of which can be found on our blog tour page–with an email address to reach you, and we’ll select one lucky winner at the end of the tour!

ResurrectionMan_500x750About Resurrection Man

Necromancy means never having to say good-bye.

Consumption has claimed the life of Adel St. Claire, cutting him down in his prime. But his lover, Josef Leitner, isn’t ready to let him go. To get Adel back, Josef is willing to risk the anger of Adel’s family, make unsavory deals with a corrupt mortician, and challenge the authority of death itself.

Even if he can reanimate Adel’s body, Josef’s next challenge may be more daunting still: when a man returns from the dead, what will it take to satisfy his needs?

Riptide says “Have a free read on us! Get Resurrection Man for free right now!

About Mating Season

MatingSeason_500x750He didn’t believe in the monster of the lake . . . but that didn’t make it any less real.

When Danny needs a getaway, his best friend goads him into a week-long hiking trip. Who cares if local superstitions and old wives tales warn the wary to avoid the lake once summer nights turn chilly? The trails are still pretty, the wildlife just as plentiful, and the fall colors beautiful for the lens of Danny’s digital camera. Nothing sinister could happen, not here.

Danny was wrong. Assaulted by lusty tentacles that push his body—and his sanity—to the brink, Danny is then held captive by his best friend, betrayed for the sake of science. Unable to escape and terrified of the changes in his body, Danny’s alternatives are few. He will be returned, over and over, to the monster.

But maybe his future isn’t as bleak as it originally seemed.

 Riptide says “Get Mating Season here“.

About Blasphemer, Sinner, Saint

BlasphemerSinnerSaint_500x750Tobias Sinnet has left his boyhood days of sin behind him. As the caretaker of a boys’ orphanage in Whitechapel, he teaches the children to live by the word of God, keeps his daily prayers, and goes to bed each night with a clear conscience
Until David, the boy who tempted him in their youth, arrives on his doorstep. Forced to prostitute himself to keep his younger brother in school, David has grown ill, and all he wants is for Tobias to agree to look after his brother when he’s gone.

But as they reconnect, Tobias finds it unexpectedly difficult to let David go—and, thanks to a mysterious stranger offering Tobias the deal of a lifetime, he may not have to.

Get Blasphemer, Sinner, Saint here.

CreepyQuickieBump_150x300Read more about Heidi, Kari, Laylah, and Sam by visiting their author pages at Riptide Publishing.  Go now and get your holiday Spook On early!!

4 thoughts on “Want a Creepy Quickie? Get 3! It’s the Bump in the Night Book Tour from Riptide! (contest)

  1. I love the concept and the stories sound great! Thanks for the giveaway too!


  2. All these sound perfect for Halloween season. Thanks for the post and contest!

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com


  3. Perfect time to read these stories. Thank you for the giveaway =)

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com


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