November 2014 Best of the Month Lists




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November 2014 Best Books and Covers

Best Books of November:

So many outstanding novels this month, it was a reader’s cornucopia of  goodness.  The Pulp Friction 2014 is represented by their penultimate stories.  Must have, must reads include Starstruck (a favorite book and series of Barb the Zany Old Lady), Manipulation by Eden Winters (Bo and Lucky are back), a historical romance by Keira Andrews sure to bring out the tissues, and one of the best short stories that should top everyones list, Sand and Ruin and Gold by Alexis Hall.  Check them out below and the Best Covers of the Month as well.

Cold Day in Hell (In from the Cold #5) by Lee Brazil A MelanieM Review
Final Blow (Whispering Winds #5) (Pulp Friction 2014 #19) by Havan Fellows
Manipulation by Eden Winters
Radiant Burn (Fighting Fire #5) (Pulp Friction 2014 #17) by Laura Harner,
Sand and Ruin and Gold by Alexis Hall
Semper Fi by Keira Andrews (4.75)
Starstruck by L.A. Witt (5 stars) A Barb Zany Old Lady Review
Terra Firma (Earthquake #5) by T.A. Webb
Then the Stars Fall by Brandon Witt
The Devil Lancer by Astrid Amara (5 stars) A MelanieM Review
The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye
Third Eye by Rick R. Reed
Under the Stars by Geoff Laughton  An Aurora YA Review


falls leaves 2Best Covers of November 2014

Key to Behliseth, artist Catt Ford
The Shearing Gun, artist Paul Richmond
Then The Stars Fall, artist Anne Cain

Third Eye, artist Aaron Anderson
Precious Metals, artist April Lee
Sand and Ruin and Gold, Artist Simone
Semper Fi, artist Dar Albert
Sleigh Ride, artist L.C. Chase
Circus of the Damned, artist Kanaxa


Third Eye cover

Sand and Gold and Ruin

Then the Stars Fall cover

The Shearing Gun cover

Precious Metals








Sleigh Ride cover

Key of Behliseth

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