A Mika Review: Green the Whole Year ‘Round by Rowan McAllister


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

GreentheWholeYear'RoundCouples counselor Ted Freeman is still reeling six months after his partner left him. He desperately hopes a week of peace and quiet at a quaint mountain cabin will be just what he needs to regain his personal and professional confidence.

Neil Kelly is a computer programmer who just got promoted to full time and is celebrating over Christmas by going on his first real grown-up vacation at the Cabins in the Pines Inn. When he runs into Ted, his longtime crush, Neil can’t believe his luck, and he vows to do whatever it takes to make Ted see him as something other than the dork next door.

Neil wasn’t part of Ted’s plan for the holidays, but he might turn out to be exactly what Ted needs.

Half a star extra for Neil’s accurate portrayal on the cover! I thought this was a cute holiday read. I really enjoyed Neil, he was super adorable and a sweetheart. I liked how he was always choose to be high spirited even when he felt down. I didn’t like Ted in the beginning, his character seemed stand offish, and very pompous. I definitely think he needed a wake up call earlier than what he got. I like that he came around and decided to live a little. Neil was amazingly optimistic, and I think that’s why Ted was able to open up some. Recommended for readers that enjoy cute little holiday novellas, and amazingly gingered twinks!

The cover artist Christy Caughie created this cover, and it was accurate for where the guys were. Neil was spot on with that garishly orange cold. I definitely liked him; he was super adorable in the book

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Book Details:

SBN-13 978-1-63216-592-3
Pages 77
Cover Artist Christy Caughie
Categories :Novellas Contemporary Holiday Rowan McAllister
Book Type eBook
File Formats Available

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