Down Under Day 15: Author Lisa Henry, and our Australia and New Zealand Facts of the Day!



Welcome, Lisa Henry!

Its Down Under Day 15 and our featured writer today is Australian author Lisa Henry!  Today, Lisa is sharing her recipe for Anzac biscuits and talking about her books and characters.  It’s another wonderful day Down Under so don’t miss out on a word of it, including Lisa Henry’s wonderful book giveaway and the Down Under Scavenger word of the day.

Australia Fact of the Day!

Because Lisa Henry lives in North Queensland, here are a few facts about Queensland and North Queensland in particular:

270px-Queensland_far_north_mapQueensland is the second largest state in Australia and covers over 22% of the total Australian continent an area of 1,730,648 square kilometres (1,075,378 miles). The coastline of mainland Queensland is 4,333 miles in length. Queensland has an extravagantly diverse landscape that is dominated by its extensive coastline

Far North Queensland is the location of the first amber fossils to be found in Australia. The four million-year-old fossils were found on a beach in Cape York Peninsula but were probably washed ashore after drifting with the currents for about 125 miles.

For interesting facts about North Queensland’s Animals, visit here!


New Zealand Fact of the Day!

What does Kaikoura mean? Well Kai means food and koura is Maori for crayfish. So one of the perfect places to seal and bird watch while eating a mound of fresh crayfish is Kaikoura, a place where the mountains meet the sea and an Ecotourism destination. With a population of approximately 3,800 residents, the Kaikoura township is located on a rocky peninsula, protruding from lush farmland beneath the mountains. In the waters off the peninsula, a complex marine system provides an abundantly rich habitat for marine mammals and seabirds making it an ideal place for getting ‘close to nature’.Kaikoura

mountain view of Kaikoura









Now onto Lisa Henry’s Down Under Author page, today’s contests and don’t forget to check out that Anzac Biscuit  recipe! 

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