A Stella Review: The Wish Auger by Cecil Wilde

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Wish AugerGabriel Juarez has only one wish for Christmas, uttered moments before midnight on Christmas Eve: a hug. He wakes up the next morning to find his wish being haphazardly granted in the form of an insecure elf called Felix, who works as a wish augur and couldn’t bring himself to let Gabe’s wish go unfulfilled.

A knitting elf? I’m a goner. How cute is it?

The Wish Augur by Cecil Wilde is a short Christmas story.

Gabe has no family, no friends (except Maria), a crappy job with crappy coworkers and a crappy apartment. Shortly, his life sucks. He writes comics in his free time, hoping it could become his true work. He’s lonely and sad, spending the Christmas Eve in bed crying and cursing his life.

“I want… All I want for Christmas right now is a hug.”

On Christmas morning he wakes with someone wrapped around him. Who is the blond haired, blue eyes guy in his bed?
Felix is one of Santa’s elves, a wish augur elf come from the North Pole to Gabe’s home to fulfill his request of a hug. He just wants Gabe to spend a perfect Christmas.

There are a lot of things I loved in this story. First of all the characters: Felix is exuberant, full of energy and at the same time insecure. Gabe squeezed my heart in the first pages of the book and it was wonderful to see him starting to believe in this “hugs dispenser” and becoming happier and self assured.

I liked all the little details the author added to the story: the fireworks scene, the decorations’ choice and the fantastic use Felix do of the magic (pancakes from nowhere and high speed knitting).

Since I’m a naughty girl, I loved the short and funny sex scene.

Being so short I can understand there was no space for more informations about Felix’s world, but I’m sure we could get more about this cute couple in a sequel, cause I loved the end so much and it would be wonderful to see them again in their new life together.

A quick, magical Christmas story. Highly recommended.

COVER DESIGNED by Aisha Akeju. I like this artist’s work a lot. So far she designed covers that fit the stories I read perfectly. In particular I like this one cause I can see something magical in it and at the same time it’s simple and cozy. That bed draws a lot of hugs.

Sales Links:   Less Than Three Press   All Romance (ARe)    Amazon    Buy It here

Book Details:
Published December 17th 2014 by Less Than Three Press, LLC
Kindle Edition, 44 pages
Edition language English


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