A Stella Review: Renounced (Southwestern Shifters #10) by Bailey Bradford

Rating: 3 stars out of 5 (just cause the sex scenes are really hot)

Renounced Book CoverNothing is as simple as it seems, or as safe.

Dallas Smith just wanted a nap in the hammock but he ends up being abducted by a jaguar shifter named Tiago. They have a distinctly different take on several subjects, and Dallas is shocked to learn just what Tiago really is.

Tiago thinks the wolves in the rainforest are an invasive species that need to leave.

Meanwhile, there’s a threat to the rainforest that no one saw coming. Marcus Criswell has had more losses in the past year or so than he can deal with. He has to, though, because he’s the Alpha Anax of the North American packs. The only reason he’s in South America is because his guard was kidnapped, but now Keegan is safe.

There’s still the matter of the man who tried to abduct Keegan. He can’t go unpunished. Then another shifter goes missing. Dallas, gone from the hammock in a heartbeat.

And on top of that, Maarten is missing.

It just got hotter than hell in Brazil.

Renounced by Bailey Bradford is the 10th book in the Southwestern Shifters series and the 1st I read. I can suggest you start reading this series from book #1, cause you’ll need a lot of background so you can’t lose yourself in the reading, as I did.

Tiago is a jaguar shifters, he lives in the Brazil’s rainforest. He’s keeping an eye of all the wolves that have invaded it, screwing up the ecosystem with drugs, guns fights and crashed planes. He has just one problem: he’s attracted to one of them. He’s never been so attracted to anyone as to this wolf. Maybe he could just have some fun with him and be over this obsession.

Dallas is a wolf shifter, smart and funny, he likes sex (a lot), he isn’t a good fighter but he’s good to please others. He got a hit in the head that messed with his sense of smell, so he can’t go hunting (a drug dealer/kidnapper/murderer) with his pack and decides to rest on a hammock. Here he is “kidnapped” by Tiago.

Dallas is soon attracted to Tiago and when he tries to leave him, Dallas realizes the jaguar is his mate. They can speak telepathically, just how only mates can do. But jaguars don’t have destined mates, they are solitary creatures. Can this two shifters find a common ground to be together? Can Tiago help the wolves find the bad jaguar who’s kidnapping pack members?

So far it seems everything is great. But…

My biggest problem with Renounced is that Dallas and Tiago story isn’t the only one in the book and most of all, I don’t get the feeling it is the main one. Even in series, I’m used to read a story about two MCs with second characters as a support cast. In Renounced each character is a lead actor in his story. We have the lust story between Tiago and Dallas, the love story between Marcus and Nathan, the rescue mission of Maarten. It’s like reading different stories, all at the same time. Just when I was starting to know more about one of them, the writing switches to another story, making each one of them (especially Tiago and Dallas’ one) approximate and incomplete. Honestly I’m not sure I like this writing choice.

For example, since the rescue mission takes a good first part of the book, maybe the author should have found a way to put Tiago and Dallas in it too. He would give use a chance to know this two characters better.

On top of this, the POV shifts between each characters and it confuses me.

Last thing I didn’t like at all (and this is totally a personal taste) was the use of the word tits. I can totally blame the fact that I’m Italian and maybe in English it is a synonym of nipple but in my crazy mind only women have tits. So here I am, reading a really hot sex scene, YES! finally something I liked in this book, the sex is hot as hell and recurrent. Anyway here I am, at that very moment, then I read “tits” and bye bye steamy sex. I couldn’t stop giggle. I read a ton of mm books and I’m almost sure I have never found this word in any of them.

Still, I need to read more about this author, me and this book are not destined mate, but I’m sure I’ll find another one to like.

Cover Art by Posh Gosh I can only say it’s gorgeous, very well done.

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Book Details:
Southwestern Shifters series #10
Published January 9th 2015 by Totally Bound
ebook, 147 pages
ISBN13 9781784303549

Southwestern Shifters Series:

  • Rescued (Southwestern Shifters, #1)
  • Relentless (Southwestern Shifters, #2)
  • Reckless (Southwestern Shifters, #3)
  • Rendered (Southwestern Shifters #4)
  • Resilience (Southwestern Shifters, #5)
  • Reverence (Southwestern Shifters #6)
  • Revolution (Southwestern Shifters, #7)
  • Revenge (Southwestern Shifters, #8)
  • Reluctance (Southwestern Shifters, #9)
  • Renounced (Southwestern Shifters #10)


Side Stories:

  • A Happy Fourth
  • Hearts and Tails

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