Barb, A Zany Old Lady Review: Quiet Nights (Mangrove Stories #2) by Mary Calmes


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Quiet Nights coverThis sequel to “Blue Nights” is as much a romance as the first. It’s not really more than that—not an action/adventure, or a mystery, or an angst-filled drama—just romance in the inimitable way that only Mary Calmes delivers. In this case, Kelly Seaton is the guy everyone loves, the family member who’s not really a family member at all but is so much a focus of the family that he appears to be one of them. Coz, or Cosimo Renaldi is the family member—the son who returned from Afghanistan with only one arm, the very reason Kelly is now a part of their family. It was Kelly who pulled him from the burning Humvee under enemy fire.

Kelly has loved Coz forever and, of course, has never told him. We don’t learn until the end of the story that the feelings are reciprocated. Though most people seem to be focused on the fact that he only has one arm, Kelly never does. In fact, Kelly treats him normally and is one of the only people in his life who does so. Kelly yearns for Coz but is afraid he’ll lose everything—Coz, his mother, and the only safe and loving environment he’s ever known—if he reveals his true feelings to Coz.

The fun in the story is in watching the two dance around each other and fumble opportunities to be honest. In typical Mary Calmes fashion, Coz’s sister Mia plays a pivotal role as Kelly’s BFF. And Momma Renaldi is a hoot. One of the best scenes in the story is when she is explaining the presence of her new beau in the home. She tells Kelly, Coz, and Mia that they met when she enrolled in tantric sex education classes, thinking that even though she’s a widow she should still explore her sexuality. As she goes on to describe the sex in detail, the trio gets more and more sloshed on wine, eventually moving on to hard liquor. The whole scene was priceless!

If you like a Mary Calmes story that’s not complex or heavy at all, is fairly short, and will bring a smile to your face, then don’t miss this one. If you are looking for a story with a lot of meat, this one isn’t for you. Personally, I love this author, so this one was the perfect no-brainer, bring-a-smile-to-my-face, rainy day story for me.

Cover Art by Reese Dante depicts the gorgeous Kelly in his three-piece white suit as he heads out for a night on the town. No wonder Coz couldn’t resist him!

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Book Details:

ebook, 80 pages
Expected publication: February 9th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
edition languageEnglish
Books in the series Mangrove Stories:

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