A MelanieM Review: Creature Comfort by Rob Rosen

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Creature ComfortThree hundred years into the apocalypse, centuries-old zombie queen, Creature Comfort, and the love of her afterlife, Dara Licked, see a plane land near their salt factory in Utah.  Its the same plane that carried her friends and fellow drag queens, Destiny St. James, Kit Kat, and Blondella Bombshell off to New York City.  Now that same plane has landed 300 years later and out pop some drag queens asking for their help!  How could they refuse?

Soon Creature and her beloved, Dara, find themselves beneath a gussied-up Lady Liberty, surrounded by a race of fabulous drag queens. Humanity (what’s left of it) is in dire trouble, attacked by unseen menacing forces. Can Creature and Dara and a host of new friends possibly save the day?

Last year Rob Rosen published a story, Queens of the Apocalypse, featuring drag queens, zombies and, of course, an apocalypse.  I loved it.  It had humor, a whole lot of heart, and spunk!  Lots and lots of spunk!  Now at least one of the queens is back, the zombie one of course, in Rob Rosen’s Creature Comfort, and I admit I was a little leery about diving back into a universe and revisiting characters that I adored.

When you give a book 5 stars and love the ending, having a sequel can be a mixed blessing.  What if you don’t like what happens after the first book ended?  What if the magic and sparkle that made the first story so special is missing in the sequel? Yikes!  But I am happy to report that I  don’t see that happened here…mostly.

Creature Comfort picks up 300 years after Creature’s fellow and still human drag queens, Destiny St. James, Kit Kat, and Blondella, left her behind in a salt factory in Salt Lake City, along with a  small group of humans to find (hopefully) safety and sanctuary in New York City.  Creature had been brought back to a sort of living dead (yet totally fabulous) existence by the means of iodized salt so what better place to live than surrounded by salt!  Even better, Creature finds her soulmate in another gay zombie, drag queen Dara!  So far so good.

But Rob Rosen makes it clear that Creature and Dara’s existence has been pretty drab for a long, long time.  When the plane arrives (“da plane, da plane”), and three pretty young and human people pop out dressed like drag queens asking for help, its clear a road trip of apocalyptic proportions  is in the works.  By then I realized how much I had missed this quixotic, kind of horrible yet wonderful universe.  And Creature of course.

From the beginning Rosen starts building in the mystery and suspense.  The plane?  It’s exactly the one that Creature’s friends left in.  And why is everyone wearing drag when they aren’t gay?  And in one of the books funnier moments, when the Statue of Liberty comes into view, Creature and Dara notice (how  can they not) that she has been given a drag queen makeover too, complete with lipstick and glitter.  How fabulous!

But Rosen’s stories don’t shine on humor alone.  No, there is plenty of pathos and pain to go around and soon clues are falling into place that nothing is as it seems.  And we find out what happened to my favorite drag queens.

Soon it is up to Creature and her love, Dara to save humanity one more time and from a most unexpected source!  To do so, Rosen has created two more memorable characters, songstress Lola Fontaine (“winner of two Tony’s”) and her husband Lester aka Ricky, whose love for each other can’t be denied.  Between the four of them, the power of love and some fabulous zombie queens and their partners save the world once more.  Its fun, snarky, full of glitter and high-heels (Jimmy Cho’s), some laughter and tears.  Ok, not so much that as zombies can’t cry.  But you get what I’m aiming for.  Rosen brings real feelings and substance to zombies in love in a post apocalyptic world.  And even with two elements that made me less than happy (Rob, you know what they are), I  found myself falling back in love all over again.

If you are unfamiliar with the first story, some of Creature Comfort might be a little slow going and confusing at first.  Rob Rosen will fill in the blanks about the universe he built in Queens of the Apocalypse here but it takes time.  Much better to have read the first story and be well prepared for this one.  It gives you a ready made base for the humor inherent in the House of Bombshell and the House of St. James now so much a part of society on Liberty Island, to say nothing of Saint Creature!

And the ending leaves open the possibility of yet another story for Creature, Dara, Lola and Lester.  I hope so.  I would love to see what happens when they all get back to Utah.  It should be a doozy!  In the meantime, if you love zombies, drag queens and some wild action/adventure, well, then, Creature Comfort is the story for you!  Its fast paced, funny, sometimes a litle sad but always, always entertaining.  I highly recommend it as well as Queens of the Apocalypse, along with author Rob Rosen.  Don’t pass them up!

Cover artist?  Like the cover but its a little simplistic.  I far prefer the cover of the first story, Queens of the Apocalypse!

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Book Details:

ebook, 238 pages
Published February 12th 2015 by Fierce Publishing
edition languageEnglish

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