A Stella Review: A Healing Man (Men of Manhattan #5) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion


Rating 4 stars out of 5

A Healing Man coverDario Ramos thought he’d left the fighting behind in the war zone when a life-threatening injury sent him home. But a certain Irishman crossing his path everywhere he went convinced him that his biggest battle might be ahead. Tiernan Callahan is a bigoted jerk. Ramos finds himself constantly in the man’s orbit, even in a city as big as New York. The wounded warrior knows all about pain and loss — and that sometimes anger is the only form of release. When Tiernan once again crowds Ramos’ space, his eyes are opened to the possibility of other forms of release.

Tough NYC cop Tiernan Callahan is still mourning the death of his beloved youngest brother, Mason.

Fearing his close-minded family’s reaction, the young soldier never got to tell them his secret — that he was gay and engaged to the love of his life. Tiernan is surviving on anger and guilt. When he continues to run into Dario Ramos, who continues to push his buttons, something inside him snaps. Suddenly, anger isn’t the only emotion he feels.

Two very different men, still trying to heal: Can they come to an understanding and heal each other?

A Healing Man is the fifth book in the Men of Manhattan series by Sandrine Gasq-Dion and so far my favourite. It was sweet funny and sexy. I loved every single word. It’s a beautiful story about loss.

Tiernan is a cop in the NYPD, he lost his brother in war four years ago. Mason was in the closet and when he died Tiernan discovered he was gay and engaged to Casper. He feels betrayed by Mason cause he didn’t trust him to know the most important thing about his life. He’s so angry he is becoming distracted at work and an homophobic asshole. Since his brother died, Tiernan has put his carrier in danger one time too much. His captain decides to assigned him a new partner, Danny, a gay man. Danny is the first one to think Tiernan could be gay, or at least bi.

“Oh God, you’re one of those.”


“A paranoid penis. A guy who thinks each and every one of us gays wants in your ass. Trust me, Callahan—I don’t want your ass.”

Dario loses his leg in duty and he is still recovering for alcohol abuse too. He drank to forget all about the years he spent on the field. Now he’s been sober from years and he’s working for the Wounded Warrior Project and as a model. He lives with his girlfriend Maria, until one day he goes home and finds her packing, tired of being with him just for pity.

Tiernan and Dario keep running into each other and what was “hate at first sight” in time become lust/love.
I loved these characters so much, they are amazing, I liked how in the story they grow to be better men, especially Tiernan. He was really hateful in the previous books and I was so proud of him for admit and make up for his mistakes. Of course his parents really sucked but he’ll have a great cast of second characters to support and love him no matter who he’s chosen to love.

There are some very funny scenes, for example when Dario asked gay sex tips to Danny, it was hilarious. And really? Bacon lube? No idea it existed, I’m already hungry.

There are some guys I really want to know more about. I’m hoping in a couple more of books at least in this series. They deserve to have their own HEA.

Highly recommended, this book and the whole series.

COVERT ART by Wilde City Press. I don’t like this series’ covers. They are pretty much the same with a different model for each book. They are good to look at but nothing more.

Sales Links:  Wilde City Press    All Romance (ARe) Amazon Buy It Here

Book Details:

ebook, 137 pages
Published January 21st 2015 by Wilde City
edition languageEnglish
url https://www.facebook.com/authorsandrine.g.dion
seriesMen of Manhattan #5

The Men of Manhattan Series:

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A Working Man (Men of Manhattan, #4)
A Healing Man (Men of Manhattan, #5)

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