Book Spotlight: Other Freedom by Catherine L. Byrne (interview and contest)


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Some Other Freedom by Catherine L. Byrne
Release Date: February 15, 2015

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Author Catherine L. Byrne is here with her latest story, Other Freedom.  We have a Q & A with Catherine, along with excerpts and a contest for you all to enter.  Check it all out below…


STRW Author Bio and Contacts
Catherine L Byrne amused herself writing as a hobby for some years until she had her daughter, but becoming a mum made her realise she now had a purpose and time was limited, so she must get on with writing seriously.
The winter of 2009 was severe and as she and her family live in a small village, they were house bound by unusually deep snow for southern England. So she settled down in her office (i.e. the corner of her bedroom) and began her first book, which was published in 2010.
She hasn’t stopped writing since, generally on the theme of forbidden or unrequited love, and often including erotic scenes.

Where to find the author:
Website :
Facebook Author Page

Publisher: eXtasy Books
Cover Artist:  Latrisha Waters,

Sales Links: Extasy Books  Amazon

STRW Author BookSynopsis

Ambitious teacher Anthony, who is firmly in the closet, works at a very conservative school, carefully living up to expectations in order to further his career.

After drinking too much at a wedding, however, he meets a gorgeous man and can’t resist having a passionate liaison with him.
Weeks later, Anthony is engaged to his girlfriend, but then his secret lover turns up at school as the new teacher in his department…


Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

“Here’s your drink, mate,” he said to Anthony, as if asking him a question. Anthony smiled at the Australian accent, and the waiter gave him a subtle wink, making him quickly look away as the man gave Francesca her Daiquiri.

“Shall we eat here too?” said Francesca. “Could we have a menu please?” She smiled, fluttering her eyelashes at the waiter, who smiled back, showing a gold tooth.

“Of course, I’ll get it.” He strode out, reminding Anthony of Blondie at the wedding. How would it feel if this Australian lay on top of him on the huge hotel office desk? He turned back again to his girlfriend. His proper, steady girlfriend.

Lunging to kiss her, his lips hit her cheek, and she twisted her head so their mouths could meet, but he moved the wrong way and kissed her hair. His hand slipped on the arm of her chair and he fell forwards onto her shoulder. A sudden gust of wind, carrying the rotting, fishy smell from the tide going out, forced him to stifle a cough.

“Here you go.” The Australian accent conveyed a hint of amusement as the couple untangled themselves and sat up.
Pages or Words: 51,189


Tour Dates: March 4, 2015

Tour Stops:

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Contest: Enter to win a Rafflecopter Prize: E-copy of the book. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Rafflecopter link and prizes provided by Pride Promotions.

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7 thoughts on “Book Spotlight: Other Freedom by Catherine L. Byrne (interview and contest)

  1. Hello, Catherine! You’re a new to me author and I’m looking forward to reading some of your M/M stories. Thanks for sharing and much success on your newest release!
    taina1959 @

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did I miss the Q & A? Can’t seem to locate it, as part of the giveaway. Author is new to me, but just added this book to my TBR!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Jennifer. I can’t find it either… but if you look on the other blog stops I went on, you’ll find out other things about me. *note to self* Must lead more interesting life so my answers are better.
      Hope you like my book 🙂


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