In the Spotlight: Baby, Think it Over by Hurri Cosmo

STRW In The Spotlight HeaderBaby, Think it Over by Hurri Cosmo
Tour Date March 4th

Baby, Think it Over Cover


Hurri Cosmo is here today with Baby, Think it Over.  We have an exclusive excerpt for all our readers.  Enjoy!

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt

The guard at the gate simply waved Tarell’s car through, since the Alans lived here in the same neighborhood as Rand.

Tarell wanted to stop and ask if the guard had seen Kedon come here and, if so, when, but he didn’t want to take the time. He cursed the time it was taking already, even knowing Kedon had most likely gotten to Rand’s only minutes earlier.

What could have happened in a few minutes?


He knew what Rand was after. He wanted the same thing as Tarell…Kedon.

Rand was, in fact, the reason Tarell had taken the initiative to pursue Kedon sooner than he’d planned to. He’d wanted to wait until he and Kedon were both were away at college. That’s why he’d made sure he’d gotten them into the same one.

But with Rand’s advances becoming more heated every day, Tarell had decided to forge ahead. The thing was, now that he’d spent the past two weeks with Kedon, Tarell’s feelings for him were even stronger than he’d ever expected. Yes, he burned for Kedon’s body, burned for his lips and those perfect nubs just right for nibbling. And, oh yes, he loved the inside of Kedon’s white, warm thighs that begged to be licked all the way up to Kedon’s beautiful balls. Tarell imagined getting one, then the other, fully in his mouth, tasting the muskiness of Kedon’s sweat and lust as he slowly milked Kedon’s cock, squeezing pre-cum from the tip so he could lick that up, too. Oh, Kedon’s hard shaft. How Tarell wanted to pull it into his mouth and suck up one side, then down the other, holding Kedon’s hips still as he swallowed him whole.

He knew that was what Rand wanted, too.

But Tarell now wanted not only to take Kedon’s body, he wanted Kedon’s affection. He wanted Kedon to trust him, in everything, from finances to stability to safety. He wanted to hear Kedon’s laugh, see his smiles. He wanted to hear his voice when he talked about totally random things, and watch Kedon’s ass when he walked. He wanted Kedon all to himself. He didn’t share well, never had, but this was totally different. He had wanted to get into Kedon’s pants for a long time, and when the fake baby project had come up in class, it had been too perfect of an opportunity to pass up. Especially with Rand stalking Kedon and making his interest all too obvious.

But in the short time Kedon and he had been alone together, Tarell had seen a side of himself he didn’t know existed. He found he liked himself when he was around Kedon. Not that he hadn’t liked himself before he had gotten to know Kedon, but he’d realized that life was more than just being an Alan. He’d realized that a possible life with Kedon was much more important than even being an Alan.

All his life the Alan name had gone before him, breaking through barriers and opening doors. Being part of a family that could influence nearly everything around them had been a foundation for him, a solid base to stand on. He had never questioned it before. But now? Now Kedon filled Tarell’s every thought, his very being. What did Kedon think, what would he say, how would he react? Those were the questions that were influential now, and it had changed everything for Tarell.

Being an Alan was powerful, but it paled in comparison to how Tarell felt about Kedon.
And now Kedon was in trouble.

Yes, Tarell wanted to be Kedon’s first. But more importantly, he wanted Kedon to make that choice. In Rand’s hands that was not going to happen.


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PUBLISHER: Amber Allure Publishing
RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2015

STRW Author BookSynopsis
Kedon can’t wait to go on the three week break from school. His parents are off on a vacation for two of them and he’s going to have the entire house all to himself. Except he forgot about a school project. One that would be half of his science grade, a grade he needs in order to graduate. The project? The class needs to “partner up” and take a baby home. 

Luckily, it’s only one of those computerized things, and Kedon’s convinced it’s not really a physiological exercise in “The Effects of a Child on a Young Couple”. He thinks it’s a not so veiled attempt at sex education; as in scaring the hell out of the seniors into not having any. Thing is, most of the seniors are already eighteen years old. It’s going to fall pretty much on deaf ears.

And to top it off the great Tarell Alan has decided Kedon is going to be his “wife” for the project. But Kedon’s not worried. Tarell did it to prove a point. He isn’t really going to spend the whole three weeks helping Kedon to take care of a baby. Especially one that seems to cry all the time.

But Kedon turns out to be wrong. Now Kedon is on his feet constantly, walking a colicky baby and running from a horny daddy! What’s a boy to do?

Book Links:
Amber Allure

STRW Author Bio and Contacts
Hurri Cosmo lives in Minnesota where she holds tight to the idea that there, where it’s cold a good part of the year, she won’t age as fast. Yep, she avoids the truth as much as she avoids mirrors. But one of the reasons she loves writing is reality doesn’t always offer up a “happily ever after” and being able to take control of that is a powerful lure. Being a happy ending junkie, writing just makes them easier to find. Oh, she doesn’t mind “real life” and she does try to at least keep it in mind when she writes her stories, but she truly loves creating a wonderful couple, knowing they will fall in love and have their HEA. Every – single – time. And, of course, that is exactly the reason she loves reading this genre, too. Give her a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate, and her computer, whether she is reading or writing, and she will entertain herself for hours. The fact she actually gets paid to do it is Snickers bars on the frosting on the cake.

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By Scattered Thoughts

At over 50, I am ruled by my terriers, my gardens, and my projects. A knack for grubbing about in the woods, making mud pies, and tending to the injured worms, bugs, and occasional bird and turtle growing up eventually led me to working for the Parks. I was a park Naturalist for over 20 years, and observing Nature and her cycles still occupy my hours. From the arrival of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Spring to the first call of the Snow Geese heading south in the Fall, I am entranced by the seasons. For more about me see my bio on my blog.


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