A PaulB Review: Layne, River & Damion (Storming Love: Blizzard #4) by Vicktor Alexander

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Layne River and Damion coverDamion had his heart broken six months ago when his boyfriend of ten years called things off. When he is trapped at work in a college library with a cute student and his ex, Damion must decide what to do next.

“Layne, River and Damion” is the fourth book released in the Storming Love: Blizzard series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

River Cunningham is a marketing student at Yale University. While studying at a university library during a snowstorm, his mind wanders to the janitor passing by. After taking the janitor’s pic and sending it to his best friend, the janitor teases him that River did not catch his best side in the photo he had just taken.

Damion Martin, the janitor of said photo, had his heart broken six months previously by his boyfriend of ten years, Layne. Still hurting, Damion decides the cute student might be what it takes to move on from is ex, who happens to work in the same library as Damion does.

Layne Haylse is working as a librarian at Yale. While he believes he did the best thing for Damion by breaking things off with him, Layne still longs for Damion. He knows he has hurt Damion by his actions but still wonders if there might be a chance left between them, despite the reasons for the breakup.

As the snowstorm intensifies, the power goes out in the library. This brings the three characters together to survive during the blackout. While Damion and Layne talk about the reasons for the breakup, Damion still has interest in River. The three must figure out how to move forward once the lights come back on.

I liked how the author established the back story between Layne and Damion. The reason for the break up between Layne and Damion also laid the groundwork for the reason behind the ménage pairing that would come about later. I also liked how the author left open the possibility of a future story with the characters with his happy for now ending. The one complaint I have with the book is that only these three characters are stuck at a library at Yale University during the blackout and snowstorm. If the storm was intensified that suddenly, wouldn’t more students and employees be there?

The cover art by Kris Jacen mimics the other books in the Blizzard series. However, with this book there are three silhouettes instead of two, to reflect the three characters in the story.

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Book details:
Kindle Edition, 54 pages
Published February 15th 2015 by ManLove Romance Press
edition languageEnglish
seriesStorming Love: Blizzard #4

Series: Storming Love Blizzard
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Layne, River & Damion by Vicktor Alexander (Storming Love: Blizzard #4)
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