A MelanieM Review: Eoin’s Destiny (The Fire Trilogy #3) by R.J. Scott


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Eoin is faced with the end of times.

Eoin's Destiny coverWith his friends at his side, can he rescue the prisoner that might hold the secrets to winning the battle between Cariad and City as well as the key to his heart?

His bond brothers, Kian and Darach, probably hate him for his necessary lie and two-thirds of the Council wants him dead. Against all this he has to rescue a prisoner whose Amber Fire is killing him.

The third book in the Fire Trilogy discovers more old Guardians, ancient Cariad magik, and not least of all the other half of Eoin: Trystyn.

Eoin’s Destiny is the third and final story in RJ Scott’s Fire Trilogy and it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for as the previous stories have been leading up to this finale –  the destiny foretold for three men, friends since childhood until they were torn apart by the amber fire. We’ve had Kian and Darach, now its Eoin’s time to bring it all to a fitting conclusion.

I have to admit my favorite thing about this series has been Scott’s world building and mythology.  I love all the magical components she created, including the different types of fire that is part of a person once they mature, and the societies that have divided themselves along different magical lines.  One is a “civilized” magic whose use has become anything but benign and civilized. The other?  The Cariads, a sort of gypsy-like people who use a wild magic ancient in use and history.  The division occurred long ago and the reason buried but the ramifications have continued to spiral out of control until the Cariads are regarded as evil beings…far from the reality of the gentle people with a rich culture hiding in the woods.  I really wanted more of the Cariads…they are an amazing creation.

The characters, especially the original trio of friends and their counterparts, is the other joy here.  It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about Kian and Regan Campbell (Kian’s Hunter – The Fire Trilogy #1),Darach and Ceithin (Darach’s Cariad) or here in the final story, Eoin and Trystyn (Eoin’s Destiny) , each couple contains memorable characters and a terrific romance.

As the trilogy seeks to reunite the old friends, it also has a deep mystery to solve and an evil mage to uncover and destroy.  Clues and facts have been strewn throughout the preceding stories and now Scott needs to bring them all together in an emotionally satisfying  and dramatic conclusion.  And that is probably where my only issue with this series lies.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In Eoin, Scott has created a complex and tortured hero who is condemned to either die or watch the man (he’s yet to meet) he will love die because both are Amber fire mages, a combination thought to be  impossible because of the power involved.  His soul mate is another amber fire wielder who is being held prisoner and drained of his magic.  The identity of that man is another terrific element here, although not one hard to guess at. The fight to rescue this person is suspenseful, sometimes terrifying and the best part of this book.  It’s a knuckle biter all the way and I loved it!  Scott adds in just the right amount of horrific details to make this person’s pain and situation scarily real and perilous.  And the stealthy nature of the rescue will make the reader hold their breath.  It’s a great roller-coaster ride every step of the journey.

So much power and energy went into this section of the story that when it came time for the denouement and, hopefully, explosive fight between the evil mage and the triad that the end felt a little lacking.  Yes, the magic crackled and  the evil mage thwarted forever, but…..it almost felt anticlimactic in comparison.  You want this villain to go out with a bang, instead he just goes kind of quietly with less than a whimper.  Where is the drama that this trilogy deserved?  Back in the rescue scenes.  Oh well.

That aside, there is so much to love about this story and series.  As I said, the world building and mythology is over the top, the characters easy to love and their road to romance and HEA engaging and heartwarming.  That’s more than enough riches here and any lover of fantasy, romance and magic will want to pick up these stories and get reading.  It helps to read them in order so that you can build up your knowledge of the different societies and circumstances the heroes find themselves in as the tale unfolds.

Cover art by Meredith Russell.  Its quiet and dark.  The hooded one is an image that comes from the story itself. But where is the amber fire so important to the characters and storyline?

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Book Details:

ebook, 2nd Edition, 126 pages
Published January 9th 2015 by Love Lane Books (first published September 17th 2011)
edition languageEnglish
url RJ Scott Website
seriesThe Fire Trilogy #3


The Fire Trilogy books in the order they were written and should be read:


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