A Paul B Review: Rock Star Baby (Bad Oak Boys #1) by Erin M. Leaf



Rating: 5 stars out of 5:

rock star baby coverFaylen Forst wins a contest to kiss a member of the band Bad Oak. However, her Alpha father forbids her to go since she is only sixteen. She instead sends her brother, Alpha-Heir Bardulf. Little do they know that this would begin something momentous in their world.

Bardulf Forst is Alpha-Heir to his pack. His younger sister Faylen informs him that she has submitted his name as her substitute after she wins a fan club contest for the band Bad Oak. The winner is supposed to kiss one of the members of the band backstage after the concert in New York City. She also says that her brother needs to get out and find his mate. Bardulf counters that is would be unlikely for a gay werewolf to find his mate at a rock concert.

Ryan Oakley is the lead singer of the band Bad Oak. As part of the concert tour, a member of the band kisses a fan selected by a contest from the local fan club. He is taken aback when the winner of the contest decides to send her older brother when her father forbids her to go. When he comments to a fellow band member, he is reminded that Ryan insisted that it be an equal opportunity contest and that he had a lot of gay fans. Resigned, Ryan agrees to meet the brother.

On the way to the concert, Bardulf comes to the conclusion that he should just go to the concert and let the band member off the hook when it comes to the kiss. When he meets Ryan backstage, the attraction is instant on both of their parts. What is supposed to be a kiss quickly turns into a backstage tryst. Bardulf also realizes that Ryan is in fact his mate. He wonders how the mate of the Alpha-Heir can be human.

As the romance develops, things for both Bardulf and Ryan are not what they seem. It appears that Ryan is not quite all human as Bardulf suspects. Also, his father the alpha is acting even more irrationally than he has been in the past. This is especially true when he discovers that Bardulf has discovered his mate. Bardulf must find out what is causing his father’s strange behavior while finding time to spend with his rock star mate. To add complications to all of this, Bardulf has become ill. And he must get ready for the Wolf Council meeting that will be selecting the new North American leader. Will he be able to survive all the changes in his life?

I highly enjoyed this first book of the Bad Oak Boys series. The author has provided some new angles into the usual paranormal genre. While most of the male pregnancy stories center around either an alpha/omega or alien/human encounter, Ms. Leaf has centered hers around two strong alpha males (one the alpha-heir, the other the lead singer of a rock band) and makes that difference a key in the plot development. As the other members of Ryan’s band are family members, the author has left herself plenty of room to expand this entertaining new series.

The cover art by Jay Aheer accurately reflects the story. In the background, you have a shirtless Bardulf standing next to Ryan playing guitar. In the foreground you have a white wolf of one of the characters. It is a well done cover.

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Book Details
Ebook, 150 pages
Published: March 12, 2015 by Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77233-277-3
Edition: English
Series: Bad Oak Boys
Rock Star Baby (Bad Oak Boys #1)

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