A Paul B Review: The Exiled Omega (The Exiled Omega #1) by Alex Ashmore


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The Exiled Omega coverAfter being shunned by his home pack, all Caleb wants to do is raise his son and get away from his abusive alpha. Derek, the alpha from the rival pack offers sanctuary until Caleb is well enough to travel again. Will Derek be able to convince Caleb that there might be a future in his pack?

Derek is the young alpha of the Hawkthorn pack. He and his best friend and beta Nate have the general support of the pack. However the former alpha’s cronies have been pushing Derek to find himself a mate and produce the next generation of alphas. To complicate matters, there have been rumors of border encroachment from the neighbor rival Yesterfront pack. While on patrol on the pack border, Nate sees the rival pack shunned what appears to be an omega wolf and his pup.

Caleb is the omega from the Yesterfront pack. He had a relationship with the alpha and had a son as a result of the relationship. Caleb is isolated in the pack as the alpha has decided to take a female as a mate. She decides that Caleb is a threat to her relationship to the alpha and decides that Caleb has to go. She gets the alpha to have Caleb and his son shunned and run out of Yesterfront territory. They end up wandering onto Hawkthorn territory trying to escape.

When Derek and a border patrol find Caleb, Derek decides to take in the omega and his son. Although they agree that it would only be long enough for Caleb to recuperate from the shunning, the two quickly grow close. Caleb’s son Matthew and Derek take a liking to each other. This surprises Caleb as Matthew’s father did his best to avoid his son whenever possible. Caleb hopes that Derek’s interest in both him and his son will mean a future at the Hawkthorn pack and not a homeless shelter for rejected shifters. These dreams seem to be dashed when Nate is found severely injured while doing a border patrol. Seeing this as a message, Caleb must decide whether to put his happiness in front of the safety of the pack that has taken him in. It appears his former alpha does not want Caleb to find happiness and will do what is necessary to prevent it.

I really enjoyed this book. This story is told from three different points of view. This allows readers to have more insight as to what each characters thoughts are. The romance between Derek and Caleb is slow and well done. Derek knows that Caleb must put his son first and does what he can to help protect him. It is Derek’s affection for Matthew that actually provides a counterpoint for Caleb to his former alpha. Derek sees Caleb as a person and not just an omega for use.

Derek also sees in Matthew as a potential alpha heir through his actions with the other pups in the pack. When Caleb decides to leave, Derek is heartbroken but is determined to get the pair to their next destination safely. While facing off with the rival alpha, Derek is determined that no harm fall upon the two guys that have his heart.

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Book Details:
Ebook, 172 pages
Edition: English
Published: February 13, 2015 by Northstar Alpha Press
Series: The Exiled Omega
The Exiled Omega (Exiled Omega #1)
Full Moon Heat (Exiled Omega #2)
A Purrfect Match (Exiled Omega #3)

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