A Mika Review: Northland (The North Novels #2) by Cara Dee


Rating: 3.75 star out of 5 stars

A handsome young man in a knitted sweater in dramatic lighting.

Two years ago, Logan Ward got the surprise of his life when he discovered he was the father of a two-year-old boy. Professionally and romantically adrift, he devoted all his time and energy to caring for his son. But now he’s searching for something more, and he and Justin head north to Alaska to try out the life his best friend Quinn has been raving about.

Kyle Shaw has been living off the land his whole life, comfortable with nature and the challenges of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness. He enjoys his seasonal work at the O’Connor Adventure Retreat and is looking forward to this year’s stint. He’s not in the market for anything more than hard work, good friends, and reasonably priced milk.

The work brought Logan to Alaska. But a late-night encounter with Kyle opens his mind to the possibilities of a future richer than any paycheck.

I think that Northland by Cara Dee might be more of an instant love romance then the first story in the series. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. Kyle was like a flirty fiend in book one, and I wanted to know more about him and that happened here.

I liked Kyle a lot in this book. He was totally different this time. This story showed that he had all of these responsibilities that he wasn’t slacking on. Mmmm, I’m still thinking on Logan from the first half. I thought his treatment of Kyle in the beginning was really bad. To put someone in that position was so utterly selfish. What really sold me was the children. I love kids in my books. It brings this realistic tone into the story, add in the location for me and I found it enjoyable. 

I felt Kyle was true to himself in alot of ways. He was serious about his job, his family, and his friends. I liked that he was always on the move, and always willing to help someone first. Logan redeemed himself big time. He turned out to have the most patience with Lani.

Of course we got a glimpse of Quinn & Declan. As for Kyle & Logan together,  I think they mesh well together. They’re opposites with children, but were both looking for a family together. Let’s not forgot about the steamy scene which was bonuses in itself. I enjoyed them. This read like the ending of the series, with only two so far. Wonderful epilogue at the end.

Cover Art by ?: As simple as the cover art is and I do like it. I thought since the theme was children as well, that it would have been nicer with a little girl.

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Book Details:

Published May 26th 2015
edition languageEnglish
seriesThe North Novels #2

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