A Paul B Review: Pride’s Children by Evan T. Konnor


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Kids are great. They’re a gift and we have to take care of them.”

Pride's Children coverAs Taylor Jensen and Ethan Walker form a family with Taylor’s two children, the two press forward to change Ontario’s law concerning adoption by gay parents. Will their fight be cut short by radical elements before they can argue their case?

Set during the fight for gay adoption in Ontario, Pride’s Children by Even T. Konnor tells the story of Ethan Walker, a newspaper columnist and civil rights reporter and Taylor Jensen, a family law attorney. They have chatted before at a local park where gay men go to cruise. While they have never hooked up, the strike a comfortable acquaintance with each other. One night, Taylor asks Ethan to follow him. Instead of taking him some place to have sex, Taylor takes Ethan to a pizzeria for what he terms their first date. The two hit it off and exchange contact information.

This new relationship faces several obstacles as it begins. Taylor has been a widower for the past three years and has two small children. Ethan has lost his friend and unrequited love several years ago. He is also dealing with missing his son who moved out to Alberta shortly after he was born. As such, Ethan fears giving his heart to someone as his was broken tragically once before. However, both men find qualities in the other they are both impressed by and decide to see where these feeling take them.

The two men are also working toward changing Ontario’s laws banning adoption by gay partners. Ethan has been researching the issue for his newspaper column. Taylor has been acting as the attorney for some the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the province. Their actions have drawn attention to a radical religious organization headed by a former minister who makes the man from Westboro seem like Mary Poppins. Taylor and Ethan must deal with this group’s attempts to sidetrack their mission and keep their newly formed family safe.

I enjoyed how Taylor and Ethan seem to be the person the other one needs to heal their past pain. Taylor is dealing with the loss of his wife, two precocious children and a disapproving mother who does not understand his new lifestyle. Ethan must cope with losing not only his friend and should have been lover but also the loss of his son in his life. The romance is well done even if their initial contact was in a place where romance does not usually occur. The author makes good use of the struggle for gay rights as a backdrop for this well crafted romance and thriller.

The cover is taken from stock photos from shutterstock.com. The combined photos represent our newly formed family. While it is nicely done, it does seem sort of plain with the white backdrop. The rainbow lettering of PRIDE’S reminds one of the gay pride flag while the Children part of the title looks like it could have been written by the eight year old.

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Book details
Ebook, 350 pages
Published: December 1, 2014 by DeeKay
ISBN: 978-0-9938628-1-6
Edition: English

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