A MelanieM Review: Retrograde (Flight HA1710 #1) by R.J. Scott

Rating:   4.25 stars out of 5

Retrograde FinalCo-Pilot Lachlan Donaghue wakes up in hospital, a survivor of the crash of Flight HA1710, with memory loss and the suspicion that he could be at fault for the tragic accident. When everything becomes too much he is taken home to hide, back to the small Irish town he grew up in and to the home he once shared with Rory.

Rory Kendrick watches the news, sees every hour of the disaster unfold and somehow just knows that Lachlan was in the middle of it all. What he doesn’t know is that Lachlan will be forced to come back home to hide and to heal. Lachlan needs a friend, not a lover, but sometimes the lines are just too blurred to make any sense.

Retrograde by RJ Scott is the  first in a new series that  revolves around a doomed flight.  Each story is told from the perspective of a survivor of the airline disaster and each story is written by a  different author.  I love series like this one because for each person we get a author with their own style of writing and take on characters.

RJ Scott was a terrific choice for the unfortunate co-pilot Lachlan Donaghue.  Scott’s gift for characterization and ability to convey an intimate relationship is needed when one of the character’s caught in a mental and physical trauma that has cost him his memory and so many people their lives.  We have to jump immediately over to his side and we do. Right from the start.

So much responsibility rests on his shoulders and he is unable to remember any of it…at first.  Told from Lachlan’s POV, when Lachlan awakes in the hospital room, the world has become a painful, scary, guilt-ridden place where people are demanding answers from him that his traumatized mind can’t provide.

RJ Scott makes this man someone we immediately empathize with even though we know almost nothing  about him.  Lachlan hears the  doubt in the investigator’s voice and  the angry, loud accusations from the ever present reporters trying to invade his hospital  room and temporary  sanctuary.   Lachlan doesn’t remember what happens…just that his friends and colleagues as well as passengers have died in the awful crash.  Alone, aching and in unmeasurable mental anguish, Lachlan is easy to connect with.  But he becomes someone we can love when his past arrives at his hospital room.

Rescue comes in the form of farmer Rory Kendrick, childhood friend and ex fiance.  Rory offers Lachlan his support, his farm and “their house” as a place to recuperate and be safe as the investigation continues.  Lachlan’s lack of memory doesn’t extend to their relationship and last fight that saw them split up.  That painful time is something that Lachlan’s remembers all too well.    RJ Scott takes us easily from their estranged present to their past and back again.  She establishes a loving relationship that really hasn’t faltered no matter what angry words and stubbornness has passed between them.  As a couple Rory and Lachlan are people we can love and do by the end of the story.

An ending that arrives too soon for me.  I wanted to know more about what happens next and how the investigation was moving along.  That will play out over the next stories and we will see it happen through various survivor’s eyes.  I can’t wait for that to happen.

While each story stands on its own, I believe that reading them in order will round out the series narrative in the right way.  I have listed them all at the bottom.  Use it to add to your TBR pile as I have mine.  I definitely recommend Retrograde by RJ Scott.  It was a quick, dramatic and satisfying story.   I loved the characters and the series format.  Wonderful job all the way around.

Cover by Meredith Russell is perfect for the story and the series.

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Book Details:

Published by Love Lane Books Limited (first published June 12th 2015)
seriesFlight HA1710 #1

Series Promo banner

Flight HA1710 series

6 authors, 6 stories, 1 disaster

When Flight HA1710 crashes killing seven people the after effects are too many to think on. But how does the crash change people’s lives? From the pilot to the guy who missed the plane we chart the stories of those whose lives were impacted by the crash.


  • Retrograde (Flight HA1710 #1) by R.J. Scott
  • Velocity (Flight HA1710 #2) by Sara York
  • Flashbulb (Flight HA1710 #3) by Clare London
  • Fallout (Flight HA1710 #4) by Meredith Russell
  • Aviophobia (Flight HA1710, #5) by Serena Yates
  • Fracture (Flight HA1710, #6) by Amber Kell

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