A Sammy Review: Yours All Along (Loving on the Edge #7.5) by Roni Loren


Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.

“Would you make a move on me if I wasn’t?” he asked, no jest in his voice.


“Not your type?”

Devon closed his eyes. “Nope.”

You’re exactly the wrong type.  I don’t fuck people I love.

Yours All Along coverHunter Riley has always been at his dad’s mercy. Being the son of a conservative politician isn’t easy. It’s all about being buttoned up and smiling when you just want to roll your eyes. But that set an example for Hunter – an example of how not to be. As soon as he’s able to, he moves as far away from his family as he can manage, and that means California.

There he meets Devon, an out-and-proud student with purple-streaked hair. They hit it off right away and soon become best friends and fraternity brothers. Hunter shows everyone, especially those in the fraternity, how being gay doesn’t mean you can’t be a brother by rooming with Devon.

At first it’s just jokes for them, easy laughs and fun times. But somehow they tip over that edge, exploring each other in ways they haven’t before. But one night and a horrible accident brings that all to a stop.

Years later, Hunter hasn’t spoken to Devon since the accident, but when his fiance sends him on a pre-wedding vacation to Texas where Devon lives, Hunter just can’t stay away. Did time ever really matter to them, or is it jut too late for Hunter to wake up from a life that isn’t his own?

And no matter what, he knew one thing for sure: He didn’t want it to end. He’d never had a friend like Hunter. He could find people to warm his bed. That part was easy. But there was no way he’d find someone who got him like Hunter did. That shit was different. Special. And worth protecting.

Roni Loren is a new author for me, as she usually writes M/F, which isn’t really my thing. But I decided to give it a chance. The blurb intrigued me, what can I say?

With the help of Roni, I was able to get my hands on the book and I easily devoured it. The story is short, perhaps a bit too short for my liking (but that just means I enjoyed it and really wanted more of them).

It takes on a few issues, such as having a family that would disown you for being gay or even having a gay roommate, and how far people can go to save themselves from abandonment. It may sound like the book was this big angst fest, but it actually wasn’t. The majority of the story is told in a flashback, handled well and giving us a look at what college life was like for Hunter and Devon. I can easily say it was a much freer time for them, and that shows in those flashbacks. They’re full of life and love, and it contrasts sharply with the characters we meet in the first chapter.

To get a chance to look back at them and how they got to that point was a treasure. It was also hothothot at times. Experimentation? Sign me up, please, especially if it’s in the back of a limo!

In the end, after all of that, this book is really about finding yourself again. I appreciate that. We all get lost sometimes.

The cover art is simple but nice. Who doesn’t like a nice muscular back? I certainly will not raise my hand to that question. The stance and what I see does actually remind me of Hunter too, so it’s not entirely just some random hot guy (or maybe it is, but it’s my Hunter).

While I’d love to see more of these characters, I at the very least hope this isn’t Ms. Loren’s last foray into M/M. I’d love to see what she can do with a full-length novel.

Sales Links:  All Romance (ARe)  |   Amazon  |  Buy It Here

Book Details:

Published June 16th 2015 by Intermix
edition languageEnglish
seriesLoving on the Edge #7.5

Loving on the Edge series are mostly M/F with this exception.

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