A Jeri Review: Double Cross by Shannon West


Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

Double Cross coverWhen F.B.I. agent Ryan Tucker gets the job of escorting a federal witness to court in D.C., he thinks it’s just another boring case on his downhill slide from the top. And then the fireworks start.

In Miami, the alcoholic and mediocre F.B.I. agent is assigned to bring the witness Jackson O’Malley from Miami to Atlanta for what promises to be a minor federal trial. Tucker travels there to find that Jackson is an intelligent, belligerent and gorgeous young man who tells him the odds are against his ever showing up in court alive. Tucker learns Jackson will actually be testifying against a Colombian drug cartel, but there’s one serious problem. It’s his twin brother Dylan who saw the murder and Jackson never saw anything. After a serious and almost successful attempt on their lives at the airport in Miami, Tucker learns that someone in the F.B.I. doesn’t care who Jackson is. They simply want him dead, and think that Tucker is expendable as well. Not knowing who they can trust, Tucker and Jackson find a car and start driving toward Georgia and the federal judge familiar with the case.

Somewhere during that long, dangerous drive, they both learn face the truth about themselves and those they trust, as well as their own inner strengths. With everyone out to get them, they’re forced to rely on instinct and ingenuity if they are going to make it to out of this thing alive.

Quick, dirty, insta-love in the face of danger.

A bottom of the barrel FBI agent is tasked with escorting a witness to a cartel hit from Florida to Washington DC. What he doesn’t count on is his witness being the twin brother of the real witness, countless people working for the cartel trying to kill them and an attraction to his witness that shouldn’t happen.

Yes, it happens fast. The sex, the love, the everything. But, they are in danger and on the run from people trying to kill them. Trying to figure out who to trust, they realize they can only trust each other.

I enjoyed getting some of the back story on Ryan, the FBI agent but I wish there was a little more back story on Jackson. Ryan’s story was heart felt and you could really see him in this dark place.

I will say that the twist was unexpected and I really enjoyed it!

Cover Design by 3 Rusted Spoons. The cover definitely drives up the hotness factor, but I don’t picture either of the main characters looking like this based on the descriptions in the book.

Sales Links:  Dark Hollow Press | All Romance (ARe) | Amazon | Buy It Here

Book Details:

ebook, 103 pages
Double Cross Copyright © 2015 Shannon West
ISBN 10: 19421767937 ISBN 13: 978-1-942176-93-0
Author: Shannon West Editor: Ashley Kain
Original Publication Date: July 2015



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