A Jeri Review: Fireworks by Aimer Boyz


Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5

Fireworks coverLike the Broadway show tune, Daniel Fine prefers his relationships to be for “One Night Only”— hot, hard, and gone the next morning. Daniel is looking to never, ever be in a relationship again. He’s been there, done that, and has the scars to prove it. And then he meets Steven …

Steven is looking for that forever relationship; someone who matters, someone to come home to.

So, of course, they want each other.

Daniel has baggage, eight years of baggage, to be exact. He has an ex-partner, rampant trust issues and a recently developed allergy to anything real, anything beyond the heat of writhing bodies. Steven is starting over; new city, new job. He has worked hard to recover from a hurt hidden in his past, but unlike Daniel, he still has faith in the possibility of forever.

Can mutual lust become mutual trust? Can for now become forever? Fireworks explores what it takes to be truly happy.

Fireworks by Aimer Boyz is kind of a mess, but underneath a good story.

Steven and Daniel are polar opposites; an Oscar and Felix if you will. One neat, the other a slob. One blonde, the other dark. One with an overbearing, meddling Jewish family, the other with bohemian parents whom he rarely sees. And yet, they are drawn together.

What I did really like? It was a good love story. We watched them evolve from strangers ignoring their attraction to each other to lovers afraid to admit their feelings for each other. They went through their issues- mistrust, old partners, meddling families and friends, but they persevere. There was angst but it wasn’t roll your eyes ridiculous.

The sex was steamy and yet realistic. And there was a lot of it! “My house” both made me chuckle, but also totally made sense from the character’s thought process. At times rough, at times tender, but always loving.
Ok, what I didn’t like. It was just too much. You meet probably 10 plus characters in the first chapter. My head was spinning. And while I like a bit of a story with the side characters, I feel like too much time was spent on them- especially his sisters. There was a ton of detail in some scenes, then turn the page and it is several months later.

I am going to recommend the book because of the main characters and the story. But it really needs a good editor.

Cover art Review.Although pretty basic, the cover with the two main characters really helps paint a picture in your mind of who you are reading about.

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Book Details:

ebook, 466 pages
Published August 11th 2014 by Lulu Publishing Services (first published July 23rd 2014)
ISBN 1483413683 (ISBN13: 9781483413686)
edition language English

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