Supernatural Book Spotlight: Strength To Let Go by Alina Popescu (Author Guest post, excerpt and giveaway)


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Title: Strength to Let Go
Series: Tales of the Werewolf Tribes, Book One
Author: Alina Popescu
Genre: gay romance, paranormal, werewolves, paranormal romance, supernatural
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing

We are delighted to have Alina Popescu here in our Supernatural Book spotlight to talk about her book Strength To Let Go and Tribes Over Packs. Welcome, Alina!

Tribes over Packs by Alina Popescu

Whenever you create a society of any type of beings, the first question that pops in your head is how they are organized. With werewolves, the go-to form of organization is a pack. But how big is a pack? Can it be a small family? And are these part human, part animal creatures only bound by the animal order? That’s how my thought process into how to organize my shifters started.

I saw packs as the basic form of organization, right after family. After that came the clan, something that has to do with an extended family. Think of a county and its inhabitants, and you get my clans. Within each nation, there are several of them.

But what could I have ruling over the clans? I had to go back a bit, and decided the tribe is one of the oldest forms of organization I could use. Common culture and language, common territory, that leads to nationality, but when you need more than just your own kin, the tribe comes into play. Descendants of the old tribes might have mixed and migrated across borders, but the core was still there to provide some sort of belonging.

With areas like the Americas and Asia, the tribe spans over large territories, uniting clans of different nationalities. In Europe… well, we have this habit of having a lot of small factions that fight each other, so it made sense to me to have nationality matter more than anything, and thus came the large number of tribes roaming the same continent.

There was, however, e secondary reason to go for the tribe and make it mightier than anything – its link to myths and long forgotten stories, dating back to the dawn of time. Older than most surviving clans and the names and rulers of a country, part folk tale and part reality, the tribe holds some mystery that I find appealing.

A tribe implies an undeniable bond, yet that idea is in such stark contrast with what’s really happening within. Just look at everything going on with the Dragons of the Fang. Clans fighting for supremacy, nations wanting to rule over others, how very human of them!

I love contradictions. I love to explore the fine line between paranormal, myth, and reality. How they blend, how they affect decision and behaviors. But when it really comes down to it, werewolf tribe just sounds so cool to me!


After being abandoned by his mates, Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang werewolf tribe, returns to his home in Tokyo.

Crippled by grief, Shiki decides to end it all by going into the territory of the Siberian Killers tribe and challenging them to a battle to the death.

His death.


Ganzorig, beta of the Siberian Killers, however, sees the potentially disastrous consequences of having Shiki die in battle.

Instead, he saves him.

Having suffered loss himself, Ganz takes it upon himself to help Shiki deal with his pain.

Blake, Shikiís best friend since childhood, is as determined to show him there is life after a wolfís ultimate loss.

Could there also be something ëmoreí for them after friendship?

Excerpt (NSFW click on over 18 link to keep reading)

We hooked our arms around each other’s shoulders immediately after getting out of the car and made our way to the club entrance. This one was a popular hangout, but we had VIP status here. Everyone knew us, we could pretty much drop by at any point. Having a werewolf in my tribe for an owner sure sweetened the deal for us, but so did the large amounts of cash we’d dropped here. This was usually the first stop on our nights out. Because of our special treatment, we had access to the owner’s offices. That meant we could quench our thirst with a first catch of the night. We’d typically fly solo for this, finding our own prey, taking them somewhere private, and enjoying the hot and hard sex. Then we’d rejoin the other for one last drink before going to a different club.
We’d just randomly pick another Ni-chome hangout and start the other type of hunt: finding males we could share. One or two, depending on who we’d meet. Once we found them, we’d go back to Blake’s place and enjoy our spoils.
Everyone from the bouncers to the bartenders and the owner himself came to greet us. We had been no-shows for about a year and it seemed like our return was quite the event. It felt good to be treated like that, it made the club seem like a place we hung out with friends more than our hunting grounds for anonymous sex. It was probably my need to belong that caused those feelings anyway.
We had our very own, fine-tuned strategy when we were on the prowl. We’d go by the bar first, get a drink and finish it while chatting and saying hello to the people we knew at the club. This time it took a lot longer than usual, because there were questions about what we’d been up to. Blake took the lead and gave them vague answers, giving me time to notice the owner avert his eyes from me. So he knew…. I downed my drink and asked for another one. What the hell, it was bound to happen and I was determined not to let it spoil my good mood.

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About the author

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.

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