A Paul Review: Pint-Sized Protector (Wolves of Stone Ridge #30) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 4 out of 5 starts    

Pint Sized Protector coverReturning home from a negotiation mission for his wolf shifter pack, Cayden Rochette smells the scent of his mate upon entering the house he shares with his brothers.  Can he convince the skittish cat shifter that his problems are behind him and to accept Cayden as his mate?

Ajax has recently been rescued from a group of scientists.  Having spent most of his life in his Andean mountain cat form trying to survive in the wild after the death of his mother, he prefers that form to his human one.  Currently staying with a wolf pack that helped attain his freedom, Ajax is waiting for the time to leave the wolves behind and return to his favorite pastime of climbing trees away from civilization.

Cayden Rochette is a negotiator for the Stone Ridge wolf pack.  He has been away talking with a local coyote pack about expanding the wolf pack’s territory.  He arrives back home and is met by his brothers.  When he goes to introduce himself to the shifter that is staying in their collective home, he realizes that the Andean mountain cat is his mate.

After Cayden convinces Ajax to shift and tells him that they are mates, Ajax has no idea what he is talking about.  However, Ajax is drawn to Cayden because of the mate pull.  Afraid that hunters might take him again, Ajax expresses his concern to Cayden.  Cayden assures him that they are on pack lands and nothing will happen to him.  However, one of the coyotes of the pack that Cayden negotiated with is not happy with the deal that he made with the coyote alpha and comes to renegotiate the terms of the deal.  When Cayden says he will deal only with the alpha, the coyote shifter promises to be back.

This is the thirtieth edition of the Wolves of Stone Ridge series.  As with a few of the books in this series, it deals with a rescued shifter who meets their mate because of their rescue.  Ajax’s innocence and naivety comes across as sweet even though it has been used before in this series.  However, Ajax does show he is not to be messed with later in the book.

The cover art by Angela Waters shows Cayden in his human form with Ajax in his mountain cat form in the background.  It is a pretty standard cover for the series.

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Book Details

Ebook, 104 pages,
Edition:  English
ISBN:  978-1-4874-0473-1
Published:  August 1, 2015 by Extasy Books
Series:  Wolves of Stone Ridge

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