What Happens In Vegas Charity Blog Hop and M/M Short Story: ‘Waking Up Married in Vegas’ by Hunter Frost


Welcome to the What Happens in Vegas Charity Blog Hop!

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to be a participant in this charity event and is hosting author Hunter Frost.  Welcome, Hunter.  Please tell us more about this event and your charity!

From Hunter Frost:

The Marriage Equality Blog Hop revolves around a bunch of authors, bloggers, and reviewers who want to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to affirm marriage equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. By featuring stories of love and marriage between LGBTQ couples and promoting charitable organizations that focus on assisting and empowering the LGBTQ community, we hope share our joy in an important historical moment.
The charity I chose to promote is The Center in Las Vegas. The Center is a full-service community center that serves the city’s LGBTQ population by providing educational programs, free HIV and STD testing, vaccinations, internet and computer stations, a lending library, and other helpful resources.http://thecenterlv.org By donating to the The Center here: http://www.thecenterlv.org/get-involved/rainbow-circle/donations you help support these highly desirable programs to the LGBTQ community in Las Vegas.

Now for Hunter Frost’s short story. Enjoy!

Waking Up Married in Vegas


Hunter Frost

Officer Reed Weston ran his hands through his hair as he exited the elevator on the twenty-fourth floor of the Golden Nugget, keeping an eye out for Grant’s suite number. It had been six months since that first fateful night on Freemont Street when they had met, and Reed still got butterflies before each rendezvous.

After their inaugural vacation together in Kauai, they decided to fly out to visit each other once a month, which soon turned into every other week, and finally every weekend. The traveling was tiring and expensive, but Reed couldn’t imagine any more time away from Grant. And he assumed Grant felt the same. Reed had never been this obsessed with a man before, but for some reason he welcomed the once terrifying concept.

He knocked on the proper door, wishing Grant wouldn’t spend the money on a room when they could just go back to his place. But Grant wanted to be as close as possible when Reed ended his graveyard shift. At least for one night of the weekend, he always said. And Reed couldn’t deny he appreciated Grant’s need to squeeze as much time out of their weekends as possible.

“You alone?” Grant called out from inside.

Reed raised his brow. Interesting. His ex had called him boring, but the man inside that room had been anything but since Reed had known him. “Um…yes?” Reed answered hesitantly.

Grant didn’t reply, but the sound of locks opening prepared Reed as the door swung wide.

And there stood Grant – completely naked with a massive hard-on.

“Fuck me,” Reed whispered at the beautiful sight. Sexy as all get out, Grant was even sexier in the buff. Lean and trim, he somehow avoided the spare tire that Reed found himself constantly fighting off. Maybe he should take up swimming, if it helped him look as fine as Grant did.

Reed wasted no time in striding forward to reach for him, as Grant jumped into his arms and wrapped his legs around his middle. Reed went in for a kiss when Grant yelped.

“That’s gonna leave a mark.” Grant shifted in Reed’s arms and blew out a breath.

“What did you crush?” Reed chuckled. Next time, he’d remove his duty belt before lunging for a naked man…when not in the line of duty, of course.

“Nothing like that, just caught some skin on your gun holster.” He answered like it was something that happened every day.

“I’d be happy to kiss it better,” Reed murmured, as Grant tightened his arms around Reed’s neck. Reed had missed this – being able to hold him, smell him, and stare into his chocolate brown eyes. Grant’s bare ass in his hands didn’t hurt either.

Grant nibbled on his ear, making him shiver. “It’s really high up on my inner thigh,” he whispered.

If Reed wasn’t hard before, he was steel now. “Is that supposed to discourage me?”

Grant laughed, and Reed pulled him into a kiss that had both of them moaning. Before they got too carried away, Reed said against Grant’s lips. “I need a shower first. It’s been a long night.”

“No, I like the smell of danger and deviancy on you.”

“More like sweat and sorrow.” He could smell it. “You sure?”


“You’re kinda kinky.” Reed kissed him again with a growl in his throat and carried him over to the bed, reluctantly letting him drop. This is where he’d been dreaming of getting Grant since yesterday morning. He removed his duty belt and placed it on the stuffed chair beside the bed.

“Let me do the rest,” Grant said, as he untucked Reed’s yellow polo from his cargo pants. Grant rested back on his haunches as he pushed Reed’s shirt up. Reed pulled it off the rest of the way.

Damn, Grant’s hands drove him crazy as they traveled up Reed’s abs and spread across his chest. He circled Reed’s nipples – now as hard as his cock. “Jesus, if you don’t let my cock out, I might pop the zipper right off.”

“I’d like to see that,” he said, unfastening Reed’s pants with urgency and pushing them down with his boxers. “Next time.”

When Reed’s cock sprung free, both of them groaned. The tip was already dripping.

Grant used the pre-come to stroke him slowly and deliberately, making Reed’s eyes roll up in the back of his head. “God, that feels incredible.”

“And I know it’ll feel incredible in my ass,” Grant replied, reaching over to pick up a condom off the bed, where a handful of them had been scattered.

Reed arched a brow. “My you’ve become such a dirty, dirty boy. What happened to my boring accountant?” He smirked and unlaced his boots, removing them and the rest of his clothes.

Grant ripped the condom rapper open with his teeth, looking up at him with mischievous eyes. “It’s impossible to be boring around you. You encourage my wild side.” He grabbed Reed’s cock and stroked.

Reed bit his lower lip and slid his hand into Grant’s soft hair. “You bet I do. Any hot-blooded man would be a fool not to.” He kissed him hard and deep, needing to feel the crush of his addicting lips and the hot slick of his tongue.

Grant slid on the condom and massaged Reed’s balls, drawing out a guttural moan. Grant already knew so well how his body would respond to his intimate caresses.

Reed slid his hands down to Grant’s chest and broke the kiss as he pushed him down to the bed with a thump. Reed then slipped his hands under Grant’s ass, spreading his thighs with his face as he dove down to kiss and lick at his inner thigh, skirting Grant’s cock and balls. “Is that the spot that needed kissing?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” Grant grunted. “So much better. But there are plenty of other spots you can tend to…”

“How about this spot?” Reed asked, as he titled Grant’s ass forward, spreading his cheeks as he tickled the puckered hole with his tongue.

Grant gasped. “Oh, God, Reed…yes.”

Reed laved at his tender flesh, licking and nibbling, until Grant nearly writhed out from under him. Reed pushed his tongue in as far as he could manage, Grant’s panting and curses almost too much for Reed to take without spilling his own seed.

“Now, Reed. Please fuck me.”

Grant’s begging had Reed scrambling onto the bed, lining his cock up to that glorious hole. Considering the condoms were lubed and he had made a wet feast of Grant, he figured he could slide in fairly easily.

Grant groaned as Reed pressed his cock inside, so hot and snug. Reed gritted his teeth to hold back the orgasm that already had his balls tight and on edge.

“I could live in there,” Reed whispered.

Grant chuckled, his breath ragged, as he lifted his hips. “You could stay forever.”

Reed smiled back, matching Grant’s rhythm, wondering if they were still talking about sex. But his thoughts were cut short as he bit back his climax. “I’m gonna come, baby,” he managed to say, pumping faster into Grant, angling toward his prostate. He wouldn’t stop until Grant got off.

“Yes, yes…Do it,” Grant said, his face betraying his oncoming orgasm. “You know I’ll be right there with you.”

God, yes. As Reed thrust, his climax ripped through him, sending electric jolts through his entire body.

Grant grasped Reed’s hand tight, no different than the very first time they slept together. Reed realized he’d come to crave that intensity, that connection, which only Grant had been able to give him.

“I’m coming, I’m coming…” Grant yelled, as he shot all the way up to his neck. His body jerked under Reed, who stroked Grant’s leg with his free hand.

When they both finally relaxed, Reed moved to slip out of Grant. He kissed the hand that held his and got off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Grant asked, his eyes still closed. His legs were bent at the knees and spread wide, his expression spent and absolutely beautiful.

Reed shook his head to clear it. “Shower. Now, I really need one. And there’s no way I’m going to completely funk up the bed we’ll be sleeping in later.”

Grant chuckled. “I’ll join you in a minute.”

“I’m counting on it.”


Grant woke up with a start. Pressure on his shoulder and his name in a deep, hushed voice came from the dark mass next to him in the bed.

“Wake up, Grant,” Reed whispered, squeezing his arm.

Grant blinked his heavy eyelids, nerves suddenly on edge. “What? What is it? Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not.”
“Are you hurt? What’s wrong?” Grant shifted to sit up and felt for Reed’s solid form, touching his body as if trying to find something out of place.

Reed sat up, grasping both of his hands in his. “No, it’s not that.”

Grant leaned back against the headboard, relief washing over him.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Reed said, his thumbs brushing the top Grant’s hands.

The words slammed into Grant like a mack truck. Did he mean…them? Grant searched through the entire day in his head, wondering what had happened to provoke Reed’s change of heart. They had had a wonderful day as usual, ordering breakfast from room service after more sexy fun in the shower. Grant insisted Reed nap after that, considering he had met him right after his shift. Then they drove out to Red Rock and did a short hike since the fall weather finally made it bearable. Once they had dinner at Reed’s favorite local pub, they came home, fooled around and promptly fell asleep.

“What do you mean?” Grant asked, his voice higher than he expected.

“It means I love you and I can’t do this back and forth thing anymore. I must be losing it because I can’t even stand being away from you for five days.”

Grant’s mouth went slack. Boy, did he jump to the wrong conclusion.

But wait.

“Did you just say you loved me?” The silence following made Grant lean over and turn on the light so he could see Reed properly. “Did you hear me?”

Reed squinted. “Yes, I nodded ‘yes’.”

“In the dark.” Grant chuckled and Reed joined him.


Grant grabbed his face and kissed him quickly. “I love you, too.”

“Thank God,” Reed said, wrapping his arms around Grant’s waist. “But I’m sick of missing you. I want to be next to you, in the same city, the same house, waking up in the same bed.” He paused and visibly swallowed. His blue eyes darkened. “Marry me, Grant. I don’t care if it’s crazy. I’ve never felt this way about someone.”

Grant couldn’t get his eyes to work. Shock made them blink uncontrollably, while tears stung them from behind. “You’re serious?” He said, for lack of anything better. Of course he wanted to marry Reed. He was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Coming to Vegas to forget his ex may not have been the smartest thing he could have done, but it was by far the luckiest. To know that Reed felt the same about him made the tears fall.

“Are these happy tears?” Reed whispered, bringing his hands up to catch the watery trails with his thumbs.

“Of course they are, you big dummy,” Grant said, playfully punching him in his meaty chest.

“Is that a yes?” Reed asked, pulling him closer.

Grant nodded. “Yes, Officer.”

Reed groaned and then proceeded to kiss every ounce of life from his body, until he laid limp in his arms.

Grant didn’t know how he managed to speak after that. “Where will we live?”

“I don’t care. If you want me to move to Ohio, I’ll go. I could find work there. That’s the bonus of being a police officer.”

“What about your Mom and the Silva family and the rest of metro? They all need you.”

“You know my Mom loves you. And so does Silva, Allison, and the kids.” Reed smiled. “They’ll understand. Especially knowing how happy I am.”

Grant took a deep breath. He wouldn’t deny that he’d thought about moving in with Reed and even marriage, but he never expected it to happen so soon. Still, he knew what he wanted. “If you don’t care, then I’m moving here. I don’t think you’re done here in Vegas.”

“Really? Could you leave your parents and Lisa? Lisa won’t know what to do with herself.” Reed smirked.

“With the new baby coming, and my Mom so busy doting on her soon-to-be grandbaby, they won’t even notice I’m gone,” Grant grinned. “Besides, they can afford to miss me for a while. It’s about time I leave the nest.”

Reed chuckled. “You’re my brave little bird.”

Grant rolled his eyes and shoved him. “We could revisit the whole living situation every few years, just to make sure we’re happy with the arrangements.”

Reed wrapped an arm around Grant’s neck and kissed his forehead. “You’re so smart.”

“Level-headed,” Grant corrected him.
“Then you’re going to freak out when you hear what I have to say next.”

Grant blinked. “What?”

“Let’s do it now.”

“Sex? Sure.” Grant trailed a finger down Reed’s chest. “You know I’m always game for that.”

“Not that.” Reed pressed Grant’s hand against his chest. “I meant, let’s get married right now.”


“This is Vegas. You can get married at all hours of the day or night and same-sex marriage is now legal in Nevada.” Reed’s blue eyes grew brighter as he talked. “Elvis could marry us, or…we could even get Captain Jack Sparrow to officiate. I know how much you love Pirates of the Caribbean. We’ve only watched every movie five or six times together.”

Grant gasped. “Captain Jack Sparrow? Really?!”

Reed nodded slowly, his smile widening.

Grant thought his head might pop off. First, Reed drops the bomb that he can’t do this, then he tells him he loves him, and last he proposes to him all in the span of a few minutes. But Captain Jack Sparrow? Oh my… Grant jumped off the bed. “We gotta shower. Do they rent tuxes this late? Or do these places provide pirate clothing?”

Reed laughed. “I’m sure these places provide anything we could need. You get in the shower first. I’ll call around.”

Grant ran towards the bathroom, but turned back to wrap his arms around Reed from behind. He pressed his lips to Reed’s ear. “I love you so much, Reed Weston.”

Reed grabbed Grant’s hand around his neck and nuzzled him. “And I love you, Grant Carroll.”

Grant squeezed his fiancé one more time before heading toward the shower. “Oh my God, I’m going to get married tonight…By a pirate!” He could hear Reed laughing as he closed the bathroom door.


Daybreak broke through the small slits in the blinds, waking Reed. He blinked lazily and smiled, watching the bright light play across Grant’s golden hair. His husband laid next to him, flat on his stomach and dead to the world. It had been a whirlwind trip, starting out as wonderful as always, and ending with the two of them married by Captain Jack Sparrow. He couldn’t believe he had been the first one to suggest marriage, let alone to suggest doing it right then and there. But this was no normal man snoring next to him. This was Grant Carroll – the boring accountant from Columbus, Ohio, who came into Reed’s life drunk and adorable, stealing Reed’s broken heart with the uncoordinated wink of his eye and the purity of his soul. And just maybe his fine ass.

Reed looked down at Grant’s hand, the silver band they had purchased at a pawnshop on his finger. Reed wore the matching one. The bands shined bright even in the dim light of the room, much like he hoped their lives would. And as Reed moved to cover Grant’s hand with his, he knew as long as he had Grant by his side, it all was worth it.



The charity that I chose to feature is The Center, a communal complex in the heart of Las Vegas that offers a variety of wonderful services to the LGBTQ community. I’ve visited this amazing place and immediately felt welcome and part of something much bigger than myself. Besides an extensive lending library, computer stations, and other educational resources, they provide free HIV and STD testing and vaccinations. It is a clean, safe place for anyone to visit if they desire. I wish there were more centers such as this to service the Las Vegas and surrounding areas.


Hunter lost a bet at a blackjack table and begrudgingly traded temperate Southern California for the sweltering heat of Las Vegas. There she resides with an extremely tolerant boyfriend and two cats named after her favorite beverage, Latte and Java.

When she’s not dreaming of returning to coastal living, Hunter works at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, from where she recently received her Master’s in British history. In order to appease her muse, she writes the kind of fiction that keeps her sane. She adores romance in all forms, but prefers her stories with two heroes that find their happily-ever-after with each other.

You can find Hunter Frost here:


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By Scattered Thoughts

At over 50, I am ruled by my terriers, my gardens, and my projects. A knack for grubbing about in the woods, making mud pies, and tending to the injured worms, bugs, and occasional bird and turtle growing up eventually led me to working for the Parks. I was a park Naturalist for over 20 years, and observing Nature and her cycles still occupy my hours. From the arrival of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Spring to the first call of the Snow Geese heading south in the Fall, I am entranced by the seasons. For more about me see my bio on my blog.


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