A Stella Review: Greater Love Hath No Man by Tinnean


Rating:  4 stars out of 5   ★★★★

Greater Love Hath No Man coverJames Trevalyan came from a long line of men who served the British Crown with their gift of a voice with compelling power, and kept that tradition going while he loved and lived with Jeremy Waters. When Jeremy died in his arms, James resolved to live without love. His family keeps him connected to life — Jamie, his son from his brief marriage to an American, and Pamela, his beloved little sister, caught in a loveless marriage to a cold, cruel man.

Then Tanner comes into his life, a clever and handsome agent who joins him in an ongoing undercover mission. How long will it take James to realize he and Tanner are meant for each other? And can Tanner survive the assignment that’s thrown him in with mobsters who want him dead simply because he knows too much?

Tinnean is one of my favorite authors even though I had read only one book written by her when I first began my obsession with m/m books, called The Light In Your Eyes. Theo aka Sweetcheeks is been in my heart all these years. She created a story and characters simply unforgettable.

In Greater Love Hath No Man I was really glad to find her beautiful writing style again. I enjoyed this book greatly. It was well written but it was no surprise and the characters were all were likeable and well defined, each of them with some background to let us know them better.

It wasn’t what I was expecting. I was ready for something like a “second chance at love” story, because reading the blurb it was clear James was going to lose his lover Jeremy and then meet Tanner during one of his works. I was thinking the most part of the book was going to focus on this second relationship but it wasn’t like that at all. In a way it was better, because Tinnean gave me a story that I define “complete”: I read the love story between James and Jeremy (and it wasn’t a snippet, but a long one) and I began to love both of them. Then she took Jeremy away and left (me and) James with a broken heart to mend. I followed James in his darker years when he was trying to glue the pieces of his life together again. I saw him struggling with his family and needing to be a beautiful father for his smart and sweet son. I saw him work 24/7. It was painful to see him alone in his pain but I was able to really know him. Then I met Tanner and read about the friendship he started with James.  And  finally James had his deserved HEA. It’s a story that takes place over a long period of time.

Although it is sad in some parts, everything is faced as a matter of fact, with no much fussing or drama, evolving the book to a light read. That’s one more reason why I love Tinnean’s work. These kind of books can make me emotional and happy and teary and satisfied all together.

There is  only thing that bothered me and it’s about the love story between Tanner and James. Even if their friendship was well developed, the switch to lovers wasn’t elaborated cause we get really few pages about them together, reducing their story to almost a secondary one and rushed through the ending. I’d have simply preferred a little more.

I was happy to read Greater Love Hath No Man, to me it was a huge reconfirmation of Tinnean’s talent after so many years from my first love with her works.

Cover art by Written Ink Designs. I couldn’t not love this cover cause they put the beautiful Fountain of Trevi on it, so it was a winner at first sight.

Sales Links:  JMS Books | All Romance (ARe) | Smashword| Amazon | Buy It Here


Kindle Edition, 281 pages
Published July 12th 2015 by JMS Books, LLC
Edition Language English

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