A Paul B Review: The Lost Otter (Patching Up #1) by Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The Lost Otter coverBrody has not seen Aeden for since he walked away from their relationship six years ago.  What will his return mean to the both of them?  And what is Aeden’s fascination with the otter he has rescued?

Brody is a veterinarian on a small island off the Washington coast.  One day he finds a wounded otter on the front step of his clinic.  Having patched up the otter of his broken bones and finding not much else wrong with it, he puts the animal in a cage.  Having done so, Brody hears a voice from his past telling him to move away from the cage.  It was his former lover Aeden.

Aeden left Brody over six years ago not saying a word to him.  Having left to deal with the passing of his father, Aeden left both men heartbroken.  Now he was back at Brody’s clinic to rescue an otter which is not what he appears to be.  As Brody and Aeden talk, Brody swears he hears a voice saying “Tell him” to Aeden.  It appears that Aeden is actually an otter shifter and the otter in the cage is his wayward brother who is once again in trouble.  After the otter shifts into Aeden’s brother Phillip, Phillip explains that he has run afoul with a clan of bear shifters and they are coming after him.  The three men must get away from the clinic before the shifters find them.  Now that Brody knows Aeden’s secret, will he rekindle the romance between them or once again be heartbroken when Aeden has to leave with his brother?

This is the first book in the authors’ new Patching Up series.  This book was a decent paranormal read but it did not seem to hit all the buttons for me.  Aeden had to leave at the death of his father but it did not seem clear to me that he was made the alpha of the group.  It also seems to turn most ideas of mates on end.  If Aeden and Brody are meant to be together, wouldn’t Aeden have told Brody about mates and shifters before he had to leave to attend to his family?  I also had problems with Brody just walking away from his vet clinic if he is not Aeden’s mate in the normal paranormal sense.  Hopefully these points will be expanded upon as the series continues.

The cover art by Carmen Waters is well done.  The top half shows Brody in his vet coat holding a cat in his arms.  The bottom half has an otter standing on a bank getting ready to dive into the water.  It is a perfect representation of the book.

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Book Details

Ebook, 40 pages
Published:  October 15, 2015 by Extasy Books
Edition Language:  English
ISBN:  978-1-4874-0526-7
Series:  Patching Up

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