A MelanieM Review: Accidental Hero (Sanctuary (Volume 2 – The Chicago arc) #1) by R.J. Scott


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Sanctuary 8Chicago Cop Simon Grant and Sanctuary operative Cain Brodie, have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.

Everyone wants Chicago cop, Simon Grant, dead. Armed with an address, he is on the run and heading for Sanctuary, only to end up at the wrong end of a gun. Is it possible the tall amber-eyed man holding the gun is actually going to be able to help him?

Cain Brodie is in charge of Sanctuary’s new Chicago office, C-Tower. His well organized administration day takes an unexpected turn when he has a man wanted for murder right in his gun sights. Thrust into a situation he has no control over suddenly he needs to be the one in control.

Accidental or not, Simon and Cain have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.

With Accidental Hero, RJ Scott starts an entire new storyline in her Sanctuary series.  The Bullen arc which concluded with Worlds Collide (Sanctuary #7) was a terrific action/adventure series,  packed full of espionage, mystery and rugged, wounded men.  I loved it.

Now comes a new arc and it looks to be just as addictive with an elusive, ruthless adversary at the heart of the series.  Here we get our introduction to the first line of characters, the setup, and a new location for operations.  That is a lot for one story to handle but R. J. Scott does so, while including a hot, gorgeous new couple to connect with immediately.

When we meet Chicago P.D. Officer Simon Grant he’s already on the run, and looking for Sanctuary.  He’s bloody, scared and confused.   And he’s a good man.  The author throws us into his heart and mind, so we are with him every scary step of the way, even as he plows into  Cain Brodie, not knowing he’s just found the key to his salvation and Sanctuary.

The trick to this series and the coupling is Scott’s marvelous characterization and intense situations.  Attachments form quickly under such situations, the men have access to intel about each other, learn how they act in what are basically pressure cooker conditions and when they mesh (and they do), it feels natural.  Add in gun shots, explosions and yes, pain and the picture is complete. You understand how and why these men bond, why they form a team so quickly.

Another great plus?  Characters and couples from the Bullen arc will be popping up here.  Already Manny and Josh, Beckett and Kayden, even Elliot have been present or mentioned.  I am eagerly  anticipating who’s next on the roster of appearances.

The bad guy?  Ghost.  That is also the name of the next story.  I will be in line to read it.  I am so happy R.J.Scott decided to start a second arc.  It looks to be a terrific one.  I absolutely recommend it.

Cover art by Meredith Russell does a great job again with the cover for the story and series.  Love the Chicago skyline at the bottom.

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Book Details:

ebook, 288 pages
Published November 20th 2015 by Love Lane Books Limited
edition languageEnglish
series: Sanctuary (Volume 2 – The Chicago arc) #1

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