A Paul B Review: Passion’s Storm (Elemental Passions #1) by A.J. Marcus

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

5067passionsstorm510web-500x750Dan, also known as the superhero Torrent, is shaken when his boyfriend for the last five years decides he has had enough. Having been kidnapped several times by both Dan’s arch nemeses and want to be criminal, Burt decides that the last time was once too much. The heartache is so much that he creates a major storm that engulfs Bay City. He responds to a call from his team The Elite to help take down the latest threat to the city. When he meets his arch nemesis the Blaze in battle, he thinks of his ex being tortured by the Blaze. Dan nearly beats the Blaze to death. He is suspended for a month for his actions.

When Dan returns to the team, Dan learns that he must mentor one of the new recruits to The Elite. Corann, also known as Redwood, can manipulate plant life like he does the weather. Dan is instantly taken by the young protégé. Thoughts of Burt grow more distant as he realizes the man is not coming back. Corann sympathizes with Dan as they begin to explore the attraction they both feel for each other. However, being heroes means that they must put themselves in danger. What neither man knows is that the greatest threat to the two of them might just come from within.

This first book in the Heroic Passion series by AJ Marcus struck the right balance between romance and super hero action. The action scenes felt like I could see either the comic book panels or the scenes playing out on your favorite hero TV series or movie. While the heroes’ and villians’ powers feel familiar, the author puts enough of a twist on them to make them seem new. The romance between the two characters did not seem as rushed as one might think. And the author makes the heroes have human characteristic and flaws just like their mortal counterparts.
It will be interesting to see where the author takes this series in future books.

The cover art by Latrisha Waters has our two heroes kissing with their backs to us. Instead of clothing or skin, we see a turbulent storm brewing across their backsides. It’s an inventive cover for the book.

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Book Details

EBook, 80 pages
Published: January 15, 2016 by eXtasy Books
Edition Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0608-0
Series: Heroic Passions

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