A Lila Review: Fantasy for a Gentleman (A Planet Called Wish #2) by Caitlin Ricci


Rate: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Fantasy for a GentlemanCorbin Leroux has been a high-priced companion for the last twenty year. We first meet him in To the Highest Bidder when he introduces his younger brother to Monroe, his boss. We get to know more about them in the opening scene as Corbin gets ready to receive a regular customer. Everything seems routine until Emmanuel is the one to show for the appointment instead.

 After a confrontation, a subsequent visit, and a bargain, Corbin convinces Emmanuel to call off the hit and to become his protector. The relationship is convenient for them, but they knew it was simply a financial transaction, even when an initial lust runs through them. Corbin knew Emmanuel could change his mind at any minute and kill him

We get several events in which Corbin needs Emmanuel’s protection and with every visit they get, they learned more about each other. With time, they developed deeper feelings for each other but continued to struggle with their professions and the distance it puts between them. Emmanuel, especially, is confused by his feeling for Corbin and tries to break their budding relationship.

 They have several ups and downs, but by the time the story ends, Corbin and Emmanuel had learned to deal with the other’s profession and are doing their best to share their love without leaving behind who they are.

 Fantasy for a Gentleman is a lovely story with an unusual resolution to the normal rentboy/hitman troupe. I typically prefer stories with dual POVs, but Corbin’s narration let the reader, not only in his thoughts but also on Emmanuel’s.

 I like that both characters were over forty and had a real reason for doing their jobs. For them, there was no shame on what they did for a living. They saw it as a service for a greater purpose.  And most of the story develops around this and their understanding of each other.

 The banter and the deep conversations between the MCs are brilliant. We get to see a different side of them when they are together, but alone. Those moments are what makes their relationship unique. They have to work hard to stay together, and they accepted the challenge even when it was hurting them.

 The world build continues in this installment, but we don’t get any more information about the different races and their differences other than their skins. We get to see Monroe as he waits for Thierry since this book happens between the ending of book#1 and the epilogue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go beyond that, so we don’t get to see more of the original couple. I hope there’s a third book because I want to know more about a character introduced in this story.

 Another great cover designed by the author, Caitlin Ricci. It captures Emmanuel’s silver features with a purple background that represents Corbin’s skin tone.

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Book Details:

ebook, 200 pages
Published: February 19, 2016, by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781634768702
Edition Language: English

 Series: A Planet Called Wish
Book #1: To the Highest Bidder
Book #2: Fantasy for a Gentleman

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